Letters to the Editor

ACORN nuts

Re: "Smashing ACORN" (Feb. 3): I don't know why the GOP was so concerned about ACORN registering cartoon characters to vote. While Mickey and Minnie would have likely voted Democratic, Scrooge McDuck and Elmer Fudd surely would have voted Republican, and Goofy's vote could have gone either way. —Carl Ballou, West Bloomfield

Cartoon anger

I am reasonably sure I'm not the only person who has long been sick of the whining, one-note, narrow, and rarely amusing focus of cartoonist Mikhaela Reid. I also suspect that many readers wish for the days when Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World, a truly clever and insightful work of satirical cartooning, graced your editorial pages. Ms. Reid's latest seems to suggest that there aren't enough channels on cable television that suit her interests. Perhaps she doesn't have cable. Perhaps she should try reading a book. Or maybe she can parlay her third-rate cartoon into a TV show. Now there would be "must miss" television. — Michael Paul Goldenberg, Ann Arbor

Speramus meliora

Re: "Artifact in verse" (Jan. 20): I am 61 and lived since the early '70s downtown or near. I can remember all the old places and people now gone. I was in many of the buildings to see friends or things I will take the fifth on. I always think of who lived here or there, what this place was for, etc. They don't make buildings like those anymore. I had a realty license and covered a lot of area and owned three apartment buildings and two houses. My family managed a hotel near Hudson's for 20 years. When I go in the area now, I feel so bad I have to leave before I cry. No rebirth is to come. —Mark D. Schlotter, Detroit

Single-payer for all!

Once again, we ask that you consider the initiation of a single-payer system. The simplest path is the expansion of Medicare to anyone who wants it. This would not only be the most efficient path to universal coverage, as Medicare has low administrative expenses, but would expand the Medicare pool to include the young and healthy, thus also easing the burden on Medicare. It should also include the ability to negotiate prices on pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment, and supplies, thus further lowering the untenable escalation of the cost of health care in this country. We demand you put the welfare of the American people ahead of that of the corporations. —Lorana Tremper, RN, BSN, Detroit

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