Letters to the Editor

No on 24

In claiming that 24 is "the finest action series in television history" (Idiot Boxing, Jan. 13), Jim McFarlin appears to have been so swept up in its adrenalin rush that he failed to think about its poor quality, thereby acting more like a fan than a critic. When I watched a full season of it, I never stopped thinking and couldn't help but reach the opposite conclusion regarding this show's complete lack of merit.

Even 24's producers admit that its premise is unrealistic. Combining this with contrived plots that have enough holes to fill Albert Hall and the repeated use of tired old TV show clichés makes 24 an idiotic piece of garbage.

Even worse is 24's dishonest and subversive portrayal of torture as acceptable and effective. Every time "hero" Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) tortures someone, they immediately talk and tell the truth. But there is nothing heroic about torturing people, which is abusive by definition, and torture usually produces false confessions. Furthermore, the "ticking time bomb" scenarios that are routine in 24 rarely occur in real life. In a case of life imitating "art," Human Rights First reported that soldiers in Iraq have used some of 24's torture techniques in interrogating prisoners, with disastrous results.

I no longer waste my time watching 24 and neither should anyone else, for this piece of crap deserves to be canceled. —Dave Hornstein, Birmingham

Et tu, douche bag?

Short and sweet, Brian Smith, you, not Kid Rock, are D'bag ("Stop the madness," Jan. 13). "Here's a rich white kid who stepped into inner city Detroit, copped its music wholesale from its rappers — without proper credit." Really? Have you ever attended a Kid Rock show and witnessed Trick Trick and the Goon Squad backstage at, like, every show? Not only does he still record with Trick, Trick's boys beat down Tommy Lee for him, man. Read any Kid interview. All he does is give credit to everyone! The underlying hatred for conservatives is awesome too. Let me guess, your opinions are correct, and all others suck. You are breaking new ground, B, new ground. You ripped the album, yet where is the critique of one song off it? Polish up those review skills, kemo sabe. Stop bashing the best thing this city has seen in some time. He does more for this entire area before he finishes his first cup of coffee on Tuesday in March, than you will in your entire lifetime. —James R. Fennell, Mount Clemens

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