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Review missed mark

Jane Slaughter's review of Maria's Comida in Hamtramck ("Border skirmish," Sept. 30) concludes with a straightforward choice: "You may believe your fellow Metro Times readers about [Maria's Comida], or you may believe me. I'd go with me; that's why they pay me the big bucks."

As the family behind Maria's Comida we are certainly happy for Ms. Slaughter that she's getting paid the big bucks. But with all due respect, we choose to believe the hundreds of customers and Metro Times readers who have come in since Ms. Slaughter's review to tell us how much they love our food — which is, for the most part, made in-house and with the diverse tastes of Hamtramck's demographics in mind — and to tell us how much "Border skirmish" missed the mark. We'd encourage everyone reading this to come in and decide for themselves whether those big bucks are well earned. —Marie Pronko, manager, Maria's Comida, Hamtramck

Praise? For Jane?

Sorry this is so late, but I wanted to thank you for the lovely review you gave our restaurant, Lunchtime Global (June 24). My apologies there weren't enough cherries in the Michigan cherry chicken salad. It was an oversight on one of my staff members not portioning correctly and has since been remedied. Unfortunately, the Cuban remains the same. It is one of the remnants from a previous owner and our clientele has become accustomed to it, however, I agree with you in that Cubans ought to be classical or not at all. At any rate, thank you again, I really appreciate your kind words and the free advertising. Please come in again to eat. —Patricia Ziembowicz, owner-operator, Lunchtime Global, Detroit 

Conservative crybaby?

Jack: Why are you such a crybaby liberal? You honestly think that everybody who opposes this far left liberal president is racist? What a joke! Your little Democrats have total control but you still bitch like a little kid. The folks speaking out against this out-of-control president have every right to do so. For eight years we listened to the liberal media bash Bush and you didn't see him crying like an infant. It has nothing to do with the color of Obama's skin. The majority of this country does not want a cradle-to-grave nanny state. You must have forgot, Jack, that the Democrats don't need a single Republican vote to pass this disaster of a bill. Obama is having problems with the moderate Democrats because he is so far left! I'm just sick of crybaby liberals like yourself constantly complaining about the rightful opposition to this disaster of a president. Maybe you need the government making all of your decisions for you but most of us do not and most of us want this out-of-control expansion of government to end! If socialism is such a great thing then just move, Jack. —Derek Murtagh, Redford 

Silver linings

I feel heartbroken about the fact that the original home of the Detroit Lions might be destroyed ("Dome sweet dome," Sept. 16). Even though the Lions rarely experienced a win there, it brought many people there to go out and root for a team that was probably going to lose anyway. If anything, I think they should find a good use for it so that it does not have to be torn down. —Logan Boutorwick, Macomb Twp.

Tooting our horn

Metro Times racked up 11 awards in this year's Better Newspaper Contest, sponsored by the Michigan Press Association. In the category for weeklies publishing more than 25,000 copies, MT picked up a first place award in the sports feature category for Michael Jackman's "Fighting for life," about the state of professional boxing in Detroit. Our regular front-of-the-book faces, Larry Gabriel and Jack Lessenberry, won second place and an honorable mention, respectively, in the local columnist category. We took second place for design (kudos to design director Sean Bieri) as well as for feature story (Detroitblogger John's "Shut down"), news enterprise reporting (Sandra Svoboda's "In the blink of an eye"), sports picture (Cybelle Codish's cover shot accompanying "Fighting for life") and feature picture (Doug Coombe's cover shot of Detroit rapper "Invincible"). We took third place honors for general excellence and for one of our special sections.

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