Letters to the Editor

Eminem: Role model

The most remarkable, refreshing comments in your outstanding cover interview ("The Eminem interview," May 13) show how many values he shares with this fiftysomething reader. Replies about "I exercise a lot and just eat right," "guns are just bad news" and "compassion for my mother" are reminders that everyone matures (OK, most people) and that assumptions about people shouldn't be permanent.

Bill Holdship's revealing conversation confirms that Em really is "one of the greatest brands and exports Detroit has going for it these days," as your music editor says. —Alan Stamm, Birmingham

Bing a winner

I read with interest the aricle, "Bing & beyond" (May 13). First and foremost, I wish Mayor Bing nothing but success as he takes the helm. To get Detroit back on track he must get a grasp of the $300 million-plus projected budget deficit and stop the financial hemorrhaging. He must also curtail the out-of-control crime rate. The city must be perceived as safe if he expects businesses to move to Detroit and slow the bleeding of residents from the city. The 22-percent unemployment has to be seriously addressed.

Mayor Bing doesn't need to have control of the Detroit Public Schools. Running the city is a Herculean enough task without placing the burden of the schools, which would be a huge distraction, on the mayor's plate. Good luck, Mayor Bing! —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit

Bumpy going

Upon reading your review for the new CD "Forward" from the band Bump I was shocked. I had never read such a bad review in my life. The reviewer talks about reading someone else's written bio of the band, never mentions any songs from the CD, says it didn't sound like a few other bands he mentioned and ends up calling it horrible shit. Did he even listen to the CD he was reviewing? Did he even finish reading the bio he used as the basis of his review? It's Bump's third CD not their debut. The band was surprised that you'd actually printed it. I've depended on the Metro Times in the past as one of the last spots of real journalism in the area. It's been said in the past and the "horrible shit" proves it, writers that resort to profanity really have nothing left to say. —Roger White, Detroit

In last week's Letters to the Editor column, the final letter should have been attributed to Todd Steven Kindred of Livonia. Also, due to a brain blip, current rap star Asher Roth was referred to as Ashley Roth in last week's Eminem cover story. There also appeared to be a misunderstanding for several readers regarding Brett Callwood's review of Bump's new Forward album. Some readers seemed to think that Callwood was referring to the band as "shit" when the review concluded with that word. Actually, Callwood's use of the word meant, "Oh, shit. I don't have enough space to write about the band's name." Sorry for the confusion.

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