Letters to the Editor

Out-there art

Rebecca Mazzei's Sept. 17 cover story "Wake up the neighborhood" is a perfect example of why she has been such a valued commentator on arts and culture in Detroit over the past few years. Mazzei's article combines sharp critical thinking with solid reporting, brought to bear on a topic that is both timely and thought-provoking. Metro Times has its work cut out for it filling her shoes. I'll miss her as a writer (and as an exacting editor), though I look forward to seeing what she does in her new role at College for Creative Studies. Her profile may be getting a little lower, but I have a feeling she'll do great things there too. —Vince Carducci, Royal Oak

Harsh on newscast

I am writing in response to Jim McFarlin's column regarding our newscast on TV20 ("Amateur Night," Sept. 3). While I do not agree with some of McFarlin's views, I appreciate the fact that he is taking the time to watch our show. We aim to improve our product every day and will continue to do so. Regardless of our budget, we are journalists as well, and strive to deliver the highest quality product with whatever resources we have available.

Frankly, I am somewhat surprised that McFarlin, as a writer for a successful alternative weekly, would react so harshly to a new news product being introduced into the community. In my experience, another perspective can be quite refreshing. —Jeremy Moss, sports anchor, TV20, Detroit

Don't be fooled!

After reading Jack Lessenberry's article about Sarah Palin ("The Sarah swindle," Sept. 17), it is a relief to know that I am not going crazy. To me, it looks a little too obvious that they chose her as a gimmick. It seems like they are trying to say, "Well the Democrats wouldn't put a woman on the ticket, but we Republicans believe a woman can do the job!" The only problem with that is that Hillary Clinton was actually qualified to be on the ticket for the Democratic Party and Sarah Palin is not qualified in the least! What's even worse is people are falling for it!

Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, Sarah Palin will be exposed for what she really is. I beg the rest of the American people to take a closer look at Palin.

Ladies and gentleman, believe me when I say that the McCain-Palin ticket is a big ol' sham. They aren't going to fix the problems we face. They believe in their side of the spectrum so blindly that they ignore what is right in front of their very eyes — economic crisis, a trillion-dollar deficit, two very pointless wars and a very uncertain future! —Aaron Gierada, Westland

Cutting through crap

Reading through Jack Lessenberry's "McCain's Contempt" (Sept. 10) was both refreshing and fun. I'm glad someone was able to iterate the gist of these unusual political times with such candor and clarity. The American public's general love for the incompetent Sarah Palin is something hard for me to understand. She has less experience than a dozen people I know personally at the job she is presenting herself for and yet has the possibility of taking on the most important job in the free world. This is unfathomable and scary. Thank you very much for writing the article. Let's hope the American people who vote will be able to see her as she really is and past the facade of equal rights, which McCain seems to be banking on. —Daniel De La Fuente, Novi

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