Letters to the Editor

Sounds fair enough

In "Sum of our parts," (Aug. 13) Jack Lessenberry calls on the media to stop getting involved in the personal sex lives of politicians. How about we offer politicians a truce? You stay out of our personal lives and we'll stay out of yours. As long as politicians pass laws prohibiting gambling, smoking, recreational drug use, medical marijuana, prostitution and other victimless crimes, their personal moral failings should be exposed for all to see.
Steve Sutton, Farmington Hills

Baby slips

First, my sincere thanks for finding my modest epistolary effort worthy of both consideration and printing (Aug. 13). I was the envy of all my colleagues at ... a different paper.

Second, may I respectfully point out a modest mistake appearing in your current letters to the editor page?

G.M. Ross of Lowell mentioned the wrong daughter. Maureen was Jane Wyman's kid; Patti was the adorable "preemie" that Ronald and Nancy brought into the world.

For the record, I am no fan of Dr. Dobson's. If the jerk was smiling he was probably musing over something else — and I shudder to imagine what it could have been. —Robert del Valle, Royal Oak

Everyone's a critic

The part of Jack Lessenberry's "Sum of our parts"(Aug. 13) about the mayor ended with the following line: "That's the prevailing national obituary for our city, folks; and nothing is going to change that one bit till we drag this giant rock away from the front of our tomb."

The biblical reference is confusing and silly. Who is the "we" that will roll the rock away? Are we going to arise from the dead and ascend into heaven?

I'd say the line is way over the edge. —Neil J. Lehto, Esq., Marlette

Deafening silence?

While Jack Lessenberry and Larry Gabriel have both laid out the racial garbage that continues to spew from Mayor Kilpatrick, their columns point to another entity in metro Detroit that hasn't been heard from. Specifically, the lack of public comment from New Detroit, Inc., which has been promoting racial dialogue for nearly 40 years, reflects how this organization has lost its standing. It's time for New Detroit to change its mission from heading the race-relations industry to promoting education. An educated minority can fight racism much more so than one without an education. And, until they address the blatant racism of the mayor, it appears that racism is just fine as long as it is black. Until then, it's certainly not a two-way conversation that New Detroit has been promoting. —Robert P. Thibodeau, Detroit

Klux with disapproval

Thanks so much for printing my letter about the July 2 insert. I enjoyed reading my letter in print in your July 30 issue under the well-worded heading "Supplemental comments." Gloria Adebayo, owner of the International Gift Gallery at the International Institute, was appreciative of you printing my letter.

On the subject of the July 30 issue, I did not like Jack's fantasy letter from Grand Wizard Jeeter B. Fatback ("Kleagles for Kwame"). It reminds me of the unacceptable New Yorker cover with its cartoon of Barack and Michelle Obama. —Barbara Sherwood, Detroit

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