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American ruse

I am writing in response to Robert Scheer's piece on Charlie Wilson's War ("Charlie Wilson's War — and ours," Metro Times, Jan. 9).

If it is true that we are lied to and fooled, then is there no solution for the United States' relations with the Muslim world? Are we "infidels" doomed to be on the outside of their culture? I am woefully ignorant of what is going on in that entire region except for what I can read — and then I come to find out that I knew nothing of what our government was doing or what it was up to.

Our government's meddling around the world, when few understand what the outcome might be, has brought us and other countries nothing but trouble and tragedy. Lies, dissembling and a constant diet of BS from too many of our government leaders, which we too often absorb willingly, like simpletons, does not encourage confidence for the future. They fed us that for Vietnam, and Americans finally woke up too late. It seems pretty much the same for Iraq. Not a good image of American awareness to put forth to the world if what I describe is true. It's embarrassing from where I sit.

Are we really dupes being lied to by our mainstream media? Looks kind of bleak! —Nick Toyeas, Dearborn

John McCain: Savior?

Re: Jack Lessenberry's recent column, "Hope rises" (Metro Times, Jan. 9), I understand that you are now going to vote for John McCain in the Republican primary. Good for you, vote for anyone you want, but to make it appear to be sound judgment on your part is a bunch of shit!

According to you, McCain is: adult, fairly honest, having been tortured himself, he is the only Republican presidential candidate to oppose torture, he understands how government works and that he doesn't know it all. How grand! John McCain, savior! Justify it to yourself but don't try to sell it to others who know better!

You claim that McCain is fairly honest. Fairly honest? Just in case a Democrat doesn't get into the White House, we need someone who is fairly honest? Give me a break! —Robert Poma, Detroit

She's the tops

Just wanted to thank critic Brian Smith for mentioning Johnette Napolitano's Scarred album in last week's piece ("That was the year that was," Metro Times, Jan. 2). It was one of the best albums I picked up last year (especially the title track and "Poem for the Native") but stayed pretty much under everyone's radar because it didn't have a Concrete Blonde label slapped across it. Glad someone noticed it, though.

Now if we could just get her to tour out here. —Greg Pizzino, Dearborn Heights

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