Letters to the Editor

Jul 11, 2007 at 12:00 am

Can’t stomach it

As a parent of a 4-year-old boy, I found the cover of your June 20 magazine, with two men with protruding stomachs (as if they were pregnant), very distasteful. Those types of images may cause sexual confusion and identity problems for children. As a society, we have a moral obligation to educate our young people and serve as leaders. I would hope in the future you will think twice before publishing photos that are questionable in content, and realize our young people and children are at a precious age and they could come across your magazine at bookstores or other establishments. —Antoinette Wilder, Detroit


Byline blooper

Dear Sirs: Since, by now, you've probably received dozens of letters regarding Jack Lessenberry's mistaken byline on Larry Gabriel's column (Stir it Up, "Airing dirty laundry," Metro Times, June 27), I won't make another comment on how Lessenberry looks with an Afro, goatee and dreadlocks. But he does look better with the bigger glasses and tie. —Joe Stricker, Detroit


'Trick' a treat

I'm writing to thank Serene Dominic for that brilliantly witty and oh-so-spot-on article regarding "Cheap Trick vs. All Four Original Members of Asia" (Metro Times, July 3). ("All Four Original Members of Asia" now rivals "Chuck Negron, Formerly of Three Dog Night" for the longest legal loser name in showbiz.) The article was very well-researched, save that Rick hasn't brought that "Doctor" guitar on tour with him since the last time anyone actually saw Bun E. Carlos smoking and drumming with tree trunks at the same time (in other words: "forever"). Either way, thanks for the enjoyable "five high" to Homer Simpson's favorite band. (I kind of like 'em too!) —Daria Brooks, Rancho Dominguez, Calif.


The smoking Bun?

Well, in my book, Trick wins hands down. It's not even a contest. More than five years ago, Cheap Trick and their music woke up my consciousness, and I embarked upon an amazing spiritual journey of self-discovery. I'm about to publish a book chronicling the mind-bending awakening, so I'm definitely biased. But Serene did a great job at comparing the two bands, and, though I'm not sure if Bun E. still lugs around those oversized drumsticks or smokes any longer, all the band members are still smokin' when they perform live. Have fun for me, no matter which band you choose. —Laura Faeth, Superior, Colo.


If-then thinking

In his letter to the editor ("Don't impeach," Letters to the Editor, Metro Times, June 20), Howard Gofstein says he believes that if you impeach Cheney and Bush they then go scot-free. No way, they are then tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, unless the next president decides to pardon them, as Ford, with apparent forethought, did for Nixon. Nixon didn't pay for his crimes, which weren't even close to the level of the Bush regime's crimes. If Ford had not pardoned Nixon, Bush would not have had such a precedent.

If Both Bush and Cheney are impeached, god help us if Pelosi decides to play her games again, as usual. She really is a Republicrat in all her decisions. —D. Jackie Handel, Spring, Texas


And, apropos nothin' ...

Both Bush and Cheney have ignored our laws and attacked the very fabric of our Constitution. They have repeatedly thumbed their noses at the courts and Congress while doing so. If there were more dastardly and deceitful acts committed against this country that deserved impeachment, I am not aware of them. When will the Republican Party stop being obstructionist and realize that these two men and the neoconservative cabal have wrecked their party? The right-wing religious zealots have done their share before this, but this group has been the coup de grâce. —William Rice, Detroit

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