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Thoughts on Africans

The only negative experiences that African immigrants have in America is with black Americans — if I am to believe your feature article ("The new African Americans" Metro Times, Nov. 1). I'm not surprised. Disenfranchised oppressed peoples, as a result of their brutalization, tend to be ignorant and blame other oppressed, disenfranchised groups for their problems. And the metaphorical warden remains unmentioned, much less critiqued.

Jonathan Cunningham's sidebar thankfully presents a rubric for escaping the prison together. Not through public castigation and fault-finding, but by extending yourself to your neighbor. Because, no matter what contempt you may have learned from the dominant culture about your neighbor, the fact of your proximity means your interests and obstacles are the same. —Tommie Robbins, Detroit


Satanists small, evil

I am not really sure on whether to thank you or dis you on your article about Satanism ("The kinder, gentler Satanist," Metro Times, Oct. 25). I thank you for informing me on something I didn't know! I honestly had no idea about the Church of Satan, and how popular it is. The problem was how positive you made the so-called religion look.

In my opinion it is disgusting and scary. Mike Grace is a sick man. He must have been really disturbed after he got beat with a bat. I mean, how can anyone try to poison children's minds, trying to make them believe in no god, and trust in the devil. I suggest these Satanists change their ways, before they end up where it seems they would love to be: in hell! By the way, somebody ought to tell Debbie Nathan, "No shit there is more abuse committed in the name of Jesus than in the name of Satan, but that's just because the Satanist religion is so damn small compared to Christianity!" —Samar A. Sakka, Dearborn


Justin time!

Re: Your article on Justin Timberlake's new album, "The great pretender" (Metro Times, Oct. 18). The great pretender, you say. Justin Timberlake is "bringing sexy back." He's the best pop-R&B star since Michael Jackson. Some say he will surpass Michael Jackson to be the all-time great.

Of his recent CD, Future Sex/Love Sounds, sales have been off the charts. So he steals beats from other musicians, doesn't every upcoming star? On the upside he makes it sound better. So, in essence, he's doing his fellow musicians a favor.

Why badmouth him? He's 25 years old, he doesn't swear on his albums, and he's a role model. What's this nonsense about song 11 on his album? He is trying to get a point across. Don't be a bum and don't do drugs. I ask you who is better at telling our kids or younger siblings about this? They take our advice, but if a superstar says it, it's gold to their ears.

I know that every person has their own type of music that they enjoy listening to. Although everyone should be able to see that Justin Timberlake is truly a talented and amazing artist. It's truly up to the eye of the beholder, though. —Adnan Nasser, Dearborn Heights


Brought to Justice

I demand justice for FOX's Justice! (Metro Times, "Tune in, drop out," Nov. 1). It gives a new and different perspective on trials — the defense side, one that is rarely portrayed on any other law show. The ensemble cast may not be household names, but that doesn't make them bad actors. Eamonn Walker, for instance, did some outstanding work on HBO's Oz for many years. Celebrity does not necessarily equal quality entertainment. Just look at Keanu Reeves.

Anyone who refuses to see the innovative brilliance of Justice deserves to be locked up. —Brenna Laginess, Taylor


High time for high tea

Who said tea parties are only in England? Well not any more! Thanks to your arousing article about the Purple Door Tea Room ("Ladies' room," Metro Times, Oct. 11). I live in Detroit, I need a place where my ladies and I can relax and have an intimate conversation. Your article makes me want to get up and drink tea in an old-fashioned tea room. I would love to sip, have my knees together and enjoy a ladies' afternoon out! Not only do they serve tea, but I found out they have a lunch and dessert menus!

I was so ecstatic after reading your review that I immediately told my friends and family about it. We are actually planning to set reservations there pretty soon. Tea time is an honored tradition. Thanks to you, my next birthday, which is coming up in December, will definitely be a tea party! —Lara Fardoun, Detroit


Thanks for Zinn

Thank you for bringing us a wonderful, thoughtful and informative interview with Howard Zinn ("Peace of Mind", Metro Times, Nov. 1), a constant advocate of peace and an award-winning author and historian. I love knowing what is happening in the world, and I thought Zinn's insights were wise and intelligent. He let us know the true motives of our government in the war in Iraq, and compared it to the Vietnam War for easy understanding. I absolutely agree with him. If our government has too much power, why don't we help the people in Rwanda? Why don't we help the people in Ethiopia? Now I know. The reason is they don't have the resources we need, isn't it?

Mr. Howard Zinn is so right. It seems we just repeat history again and again. Even though we already know some terrible things our predecessors did, we still keep walking in their footprints. Why? It's time for us to wake up, and figure out which is the road we should take. —Haoyan Cheng, Taylor


Erratum: In our review of the Berkley Breakfast Cafe ("Joy in the morning," Metro Times, Nov. 1) we gave the incorrect title for Eric McDade. McDade is the executive chef. In the same review, we also gave the incorrect name for the owner. His name is Luciano Pierobon.

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