Letters to the Editor

We salute you

Re: “No more puppetry” (Metro Times, July 6), as a young black rocker myself, (I’ll be 21 in September), I just want to say you’re not the only cat who’s liked rap and heavy metal. Coincidentally, you remind me of a rapper who loved heavy metal and rock and made a career out of it. His name is Esham, Check out Judgement Day, Volumes 1 and 2 and Boomin’ Words from Hell.

I’m from Maryland myself, but I remember when I first heard of this cat — and he inspired me to go forth with my love for metal and music in general. Fuck everyone who hates on your musical preference. —John Ellison, Temple Hills, Md., [email protected]


The rules of respect

I can identify with Kent’s story on many levels. I was actually a mohawked, spiked jacket-wearing, bike chain-slinging punk rocker in the ’hood when I was a teenager. I got weird looks all over the place too, and most of the time I got nasty with anybody who would stare at me, or whisper about me while I passed by.

In Kent’s article, he says “I had wanted to be different, but not noticed. Now people notice me, but I don’t care.” It took me a long time to get to the point of ignoring the looks, and, in certain cases, I would still get mad about people’s insulting reactions to seeing an individual who wasn’t “following the rules.”

To this day, I get gangstas or big-mouths who try and see what I’m made of. If they engage me in conversation in any capacity, I answer their questions with the amount of respect that they show me. Meaning if I am talked to with common decency, then I reciprocate. I think that’s the best ‘rule of thumb’ for anybody who finds themselves labeled “different.” —Calvin Naylor, Chicago, Ill.


Rocking past race

Hey, Kent: I know exactly what you’re talking about. As a suburban white kid who is into soul and blues, I get the same kinds of stares from my peers as you do. Music has become such a racially divided thing that people are expected to listen to certain styles. I think it’s best if people tear down these barriers and just listen to whatever they want, whatever rocks to them. —Lee DeVito, Farmington Hills, [email protected]


Sore about Sights

Did the Sights invent the longer-lasting light bulb or something? I know it wasn’t their new album that merited the weekly reach-around in ink you guys seem to be giving them.

Perhaps some hipster told you that the Sights were the best Detroit has to offer and nobody had the journalistic integrity to check and see whether it was true or not. Seriously, the Sights are alright, but they don’t deserve this barrage of press that makes the White Stripes look like fucking Krokus.

There are a thousand other bands in the metro area. I’m sure you can find a few that sound as good and I know you can find a few whose lead singer photographs better. —Dan Keizer, Saint Clair Shores

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