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A new editor for Metro Times

Ric Bohy, a longtime Detroit journalist, will take the helm as Metro Times editor in October.

He comes from Hour Detroit, where he was integral in the creation of the monthly magazine and was tapped as editor soon after it was founded in 1996.

“It is important to the paper and its direction that Metro Times employ an editor who intimately knows Detroit. We’ve got that,” says Metro Times publisher Lisa Rudy. “Ric is not only a well-respected journalist and editor, he’s the kind of guy who brings out the best in both young and seasoned writers. He’s hardworking, professional and incredibly talented.”

Bohy, who was born and raised in Detroit, began his journalism career working for community newspapers — the then Dearborn Guide and the Wayne Daily Eagle. He later landed at The Detroit News, where he was a writer for about 15 years, covering local, national and international spot news, as well as investigative and magazine-style assignments.

Bohy then became senior editor of the now-defunct Detroit Monthly magazine.

He’s passionate about the city and the people who persist here despite hard times.

“I think even in face of all the problems this city has had in the past 20 years or more, there’s still a sense that we can be who we were and better. People here can take it and deal with it, whatever comes down the line,” Bohy says.

The two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee has won numerous awards for investigative reporting, food and dining criticism and general excellence in journalism.

Bohy was a weekly on-air newspaper critic for WDIV-TV for several years. He currently is a monthly guest on the A La Carte segment of WDET’s “Judy Adams Program.”

Bohy has been a freelance contributor to Metro Times and is excited to have a full-time hand in the paper.

“When I started in journalism, it was around the time when alternatives began. Although I was never directly involved in them, I’ve kept a close eye on them. It’s something I’ve always been interested in,” Bohy says. “Metro Times has a very talented staff. I look forward to working together to make the paper even more of a must-read in Detroit and elsewhere.” —Ann Mullen


Kudos to brave children

Reading the piece on the Warren schools’ sanctuary for the pedophile teacher (“Classroom cover-up,” Metro Times, Sept. 15) was much like trying to drive past a big crash. You don’t want to look, but it’s compelling.

The girls who came forward to bring charges against this pathetic loser are heroic. They must be adolescents now; I hope that your article and the court actions help them internalize that they did nothing wrong. And I hope that other victimized kids speak up to put creeps like this back under the rocks from which they crawled. —Karen Missavage, Grand Rapids


Successful at what?

Re: “Get back, Jack!” (Letters to the Editor, Metro Times, Sept. 15), as a man who grew up through labels of “colored,” “Negro,” “black,” “Afro-American” and now “African-American,” I can appreciate Mr. Watts’ sensitivity to the old term of “house nigger.” But Mr. Lessenberry did not bring up this reference — Mr. Watts did. And his letter says more about Mr. Watts seeing house niggers in the woodpile than it does about Mr. Lessenberry implying that they are there. Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell are not my idea of “successful African-Americans.” Is it possible that any African-American in possession of any degree of intelligence and critical faculties could not have been embarrassed, as I was, to see these people paraded on stage. It is their behavior, not Belafonte or Lessenberry, which defines them as house niggers. —John Campbell, Detroit


Errata: The close of last week’s article on Mitch Ryder (“The Ryder stipulates,” Metro Times, Sept. 15) stated that Ryder would perform Friday, Oct. 8, at the New Dodge in Hamtramck. The show will actually feature Powertrane, with Scott Morgan and Ryder guitarist Robert Gillespie, not Mitch Ryder. Also, last week’s cover was not credited. It was created by Mark Heggie.

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