Letters to the Editor

Sep 8, 2004 at 12:00 am

Above the fold

Thank you for your article regarding the front-page coverage of Butch Hollowell’s alleged indiscretion with a prostitute (“Morality and the Freep,” Metro Times, Sept. 1). You hit the nail on the head. I am not a journalist, but I could not understand what he did that merited front-page coverage. As you stated, he is not an elected official and he was not using taxpayer money. I feel for his wife.

The Freep seems to have two sets of rules. They refuse to print an unfavorable review of golden boy Mitch Albom’s latest book, and yet they essentially vilify the husband of a prominent columnist with front-page coverage of an alleged incident. —Karen Robinson, Harper Woods, [email protected]


Dead funny

Re: Sean Bieri’s clever “The Last Word In Funny” (Metro Times, Sept. 1), here is a photo of a headstone I came across in the Novi Cemetery (Novi Road just south of Grand River in the northwest corner of the cemetery). —Allen Salyer, Troy


Below the belt!

I usually look forward to Jack Lessenberry’s articles, as he is one of the few journalists in this state who writes truthfully about the issues that affect all citizens. I take exception, however, to his article about Butch Hollowell. Jack Lessenberry, on two occasions, referred to the person Melvin Butch Hollowell was allegedly found with as a “cheap” prostitute. He also asserted that a prostitute will say anything the police expect her to. Shame on you, Mr. Lessenberry! Although in our “civilized” society, prostitutes are not thought highly of, it is essential to note that the majority of their “customers” are male and their customers seem to keep coming (no pun intended). Jack Lessenberry has done what countless others have done when confronted with similar situations involving illegal activity of this nature by discounting Mr. Hollowell’s willing participation.

Whether he was there to “help” this person or there for sex, Mr. Hollowell has been a public figure long enough to realize how being caught in a situation like this would be perceived and exploited. Although the Free Press’ coverage was sensational and overblown, at least they didn’t blame the prostitute for Mr. Hollowell’s alleged actions. —Darlene Wade, Detroit, [email protected]


Beyond the pale?

Jack Lessenberry makes Butch Hollowell’s alleged tryst with a prostitute look like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ: The Detroit Free Press engaged in a “crucifixion” of poor Butch. The next thing The Gospel According to Jack would supposedly have us believe is that the prostitute was really Mary Magdalene.

Mr. Lessenberry should know better than to try to kill the messenger. And, when it comes to Hollowell, African-American jazz allusions are much more appropriate that biblical ones: “You been a good old wagon, daddy, but you done broke down.” —Martin Yanosek, St. Clair Shores


Passing the time

Regarding your review of The Manchurian Candidate (Metro Times, Aug. 4), I think you need to forget all about the old-school charm of the first Manchurian Candidate and put away the feelings you have for Sinatra’s performance. Go back and watch the new one again and look at it solely as a movie with no prior connections. This movie deserves a 4- or 5-star rating because I think this is one of Denzel’s better performances. He makes me walk the line between fantasy and reality and that’s with the help of the direction of a brilliant Jonathan Demme. —Patrick Duffy, Livonia, [email protected]

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