Letters to the Editor

May 5, 2004 at 12:00 am

Kudos for teen passion

I just wanted to commend you for your detailed discussion on the topic of children and sex (“Student Unions,” Metro Times, April 28). It was an insightful, thought-provoking and candid report. I am confident it will generate some much-needed and healthy discussion among young people and, hopefully, their parents.

Keep up the great work and responsible journalism! —Henry L. McClendon Jr., Detroit


Author cries foul

Ben Blackwell’s review (“Reviews,” Metro Times, April 21) of my book, The White Stripes: Sweethearts of the Blues, was not only unnecessarily mean-spirited, it was inherently biased. (He is related to Jack White, he has worked for the band on the road in the past and he currently runs the band’s e-mail list as a volunteer.)

I take my work seriously and am proud of it; the feedback I am receiving from fans and critics alike is that my research on the White Stripes’ wide world of musical influence has opened doors toward listeners’ appreciation of not only the band, but toward the work of their beloved forebears. That is what good music writing does; it’s not about “how many interviews I got,” nor is it about tearing down another’s labor of love. And most certainly, it doesn’t include character assassination. Blackwell accuses me of borrowing from reference book entries on bands. He should check his bylines; I write many of them. Your decision to run Blackwell reviews of any White Stripes-related material was editorially and ethically unsound. —Denise Sullivan, Santa Monica, Calif.


Of a different stripe

I love how passionately written your review was toward Denise’s horrible writings and poor findings. That’s what people want to read, real passionate opinions from a creditable source! Keep up the exceptional work. —Kelly Curcio, Chicago, Ill., [email protected]


Respect for Roach

I just finished reading both Martin Roach’s book Morphing The Blues: The White Stripes and the Strange Relevance of Detroit and Ben Blackwell’s review of said book. I totally agree that Roach is in dire need of a proofreader with his run-on sentences, frequent repetitions and misspellings (Ann Arbour indeed).

However, it is because of Roach’s book I have a newfound respect for Jack White’s craft and what he has done for the local Detroit community. Roach’s in-depth reviews of the White Stripes’ music had me re-examining a band I had written off because I’m old enough to know most of White’s sources. His detailed descriptions of the music had me listening to the music with new ears. —Allen Salyer, Royal Oak


Down with negativity!

Re: “The Rhythm and the Blues” (Metro Times, April 28), perhaps you are speaking about yourselves and your needs when you describe the Detroit Music Awards attendees as “stragglers … scrambling for the evening’s final fix … be it booze, bitches or blow.” As one of the volunteers that spent many hours trying to put together a good, honest show to honor and showcase the Detroit music scene, I find it hard to believe that you had nothing good to say for all of the sponsors and volunteers that donated their time and money to put on this event. Your negativity not only to the awards but to Detroit could only reflect your own “mind-numbing disaster and, ultimately, drunkenness” of the night. Next year why don’t you both volunteer to help make this event better?

As for Mr. Dan Tatarian from Showtime clothing complaining that the musicians should be in front and the sponsors in back: Who do you think pays for this show?! —Kathleen A. Aseltyne, White Lake, [email protected]


Up with lawyers!

I just read your article about the DMAs and man was I impressed! It’s about time someone pointed out the downfalls of this event. Dan Tatarian couldn’t have said it better when he said, “It’s disappointing that they had attorneys down on the floor and the musicians to stand at the higher levels.” I have bitched about this for years! If it’s “for the musicians” then shouldn’t “the musicians” be the ones with the perks?

My suggestion? Get a board of local professionals that KNOW music and let them judge the content of the nominees. —Sean Mooer, Mt. Clemens, [email protected]

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