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A Brit upset

I just felt it right that somebody make you aware that your staff writer, Jane Slaughter (appropriately enough named in this instance), has written an article that not only smothers itself in a blanket of poignant sarcasm, but belittles a nation’s food in the same undignified manner!

In her recent article (“Ladies At Lunch,” Metro Times, Dec. 17-23, 2003), Ms. Slaughter began by paying tribute to an establishment named Sheila Teas. She continued on with the Christmas Lunch special, but then (barely into her so-called journalistic stride) she brought our quaint, swirling visions of this eatery to a crashing halt when she began to berate our national food (I’m English).

She made the comment that our lunch food in general was just tasteless! The exact quote, “Too many of the lunch dishes ... adhere too faithfully to the tenets of British cuisine. Authentic, yes; tasty, no,” is enough to get any Englishman’s blood boiling!

And then, as if to top off her dismissal of British delicacies altogether, Ms. Slaughter dared dispel the grand illusion that our customary trifle dessert was anything more than a mess of inexplicably combined contents! And to cap off the whole piss-take of an article in fine, sarcastically poignant style, Ms. Slaughter writes: “If you order bangers (sausages), don’t expect anything spicy — they’re fine-grained and bland, like the rest of English nursery/comfort food.”

Personal opinions are one thing, but when it comes to making them loud and clear within a popular weekly paper, they then are more akin to a speech from the soap box. The obvious underlying effect was to belittle a nation’s heart and soul — a nation whose virtues to this country over recent times have hardly gone unnoticed. —Russell A. Trunk, Birmingham, [email protected]


Sour notes

In your recent article about George Friend (“Friend Indeed,” Metro Times, Dec. 24-30, 2003), you mentioned the time he spent in my band, the Twistin Tarantulas. I would like to correct some inaccuracies.

First of all, the band started in 1993, not 1992 as you stated.

Second, George spent four years in the band, not five.

Third, He did not “form” the band “along” with me. I started it earlier that year as Tilt-a-whirl. I changed the name at the same time George joined, but had already written most of what became our first CD.

All of these things are trivial, but the last statement of the paragraph was so untrue, and such an unnecessary cheap shot, that I had to respond.

You say, “Though they remain a beloved local band, the Tarantulas never fully recovered from his departure.” This would insinuate we suffered, which we didn’t. Since he left, we’ve toured the U.S. numerous times, gone to Alaska four times (two with Friend hired on), released two more CDs of all original songs and we’re known worldwide. —“Pistol” Pete Midtgard, Detroit


Do unto others ...

Thank you for the piece on the Insyderz (“Punk-ska for Christ,” Metro Times, Dec. 24-30, 2003). I appreciate the balanced point of view with which you wrote and edited. It is not often that a publicly professed follower of Jesus Christ is portrayed well in the print media, let alone seven of them! —Kevin Brennan, Grosse Pointe Woods, [email protected]


Leave ‘the Nuge’ out of it

I thought your review of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (“Rockette in my pocket,” Metro Times, Dec. 17-23, 2003) was obnoxious and lacked any sort of journalistic integrity. Opinions are what they are, but I would think you could be a little more creative with your distaste for the show without mentioning drugs and camel-toes. Maybe that’s why you’re not writing for The New York Times.

Have fun in Detroit, and maybe if we’re all lucky you’ll be shot by Ted Nugent. —Michael Francois, Hoboken, N.J.

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Metro Times editorial staff

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