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Critic’s choice

I hope nobody gets the impression that I went to New York last winter just to review the stage version of Tuesdays With Morrie (“Free press for Mitch,” Metro Times, Oct. 8-14). On that same trip I reviewed La Boheme, Movin’ Out, Hairspray, Def Poetry Jam and Imaginary Friends. —Martin F. Kohn, theater critic, Detroit Free Press


Copycat dailies

Thank you for informing the public of the memorial service at Elmwood Cemetery to dedicate a headstone for Harry Guy (“Wild about Harry,” Metro Times, Oct. 8-14). We attended the ceremony and think Barbara and Kenn Cox deserve kudos for their efforts to honor and consecrate this great musician’s grave.

Not surprisingly, the Detroit Free Press ran an article regarding Harry P. Guy on Thursday, Oct. 9 that appeared to be cribbed from Metro Times. We have noticed this type of copycat journalism by the major papers on several previous occasions. It seems that Metro Times continues to be in the forefront of cultural and political coverage of stories vital to metro Detroiters. Keep up the good work. —Ron & Sue Mikulak, Grosse Pointe Park


Jam slam

I’d just like to clarify a few mistakes that were made in Keith A. Owens’ recent column (“Milton’s paradise found,” Metro Times, Oct. 8-14). First of all, Milton is not the sole person responsible for the success of the Thursday-night jam session at Nancy Whiskey’s; I co-host the event. Secondly, he is not the one who approached Nancy about this jam. He approached me, and together we approached Nancy. Thirdly, the majority of the time that ribs are served, they are provided by Nancy (the owner).

Thanks for nothing, Keith. —Cheryl (Cee Cee) Collins, Detroit


Bad BIDness

Curt Guyette’s report on the proposed BID is the most comprehensive and accurate that I have read to date (“Taking care of BIDness,” Metro Times, Oct. 8-14). But the BID, if passed, is going to be a monumental failure, like putting a Band-Aid on somebody who has been mauled by a grizzly bear. I have my sidewalks plowed before 7 a.m. after each snowstorm, and I cause the graffiti from my own buildings to be removed periodically, so I suggested to Downtown Detroit Inc. that in lieu of paying a BID assessment, property owners should be permitted to submit certified copies of paid invoices for work which the BID proposes to handle, but which, of course, it cannot with the limited funds available. I got a negative response. ...

The most laughable aspect of the proposal is to hire a bunch of “ambassadors” to stand around and welcome visitors to the Central Business District. Supposedly, they are to act as the eyes and ears for the police department, but the first “ambassador” who tells a panhandler to move elsewhere is probably going to be assaulted.

It’s another disaster for downtown Detroit.— Anthony V. Pieroni, Bagley Acquisition Corporation, Detroit

Editor’s note: We were only able to print a portion of Mr. Pieroni’s letter. Read it in its entirety here.


Jack gets schooled

I was one of thousands in Lansing protesting the charter school bill that would have devastated our schools. Jack Lessenberry is a whining liberal who thinks my students and community are for sale to the highest bidder (“The charter school mess, Metro Times, Oct. 8-14). I refuse to sit on my hands while my children’s futures are sold out from under them.

My students go to school every day in classes of nearly 40, they have a computer lab with no computers, a library that must be used as a classroom because school is so overcrowded, in a school district run by businessmen who are completely unaccountable to the community.

Jack, this letter comes from someone with both “ability and conscience” who sends their child to Detroit Public Schools, because, unlike you, my family is going to stand up and fight for what is right for the youth of this community, not run and hide while those out to destroy us have their day in Metro Times. —M. Heather Miller, Detroit middle-school teacher and parent

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