Letters to the Editor

Oct 1, 2003 at 12:00 am

Words of wisdom

Upon reading the piece by Wayne Kramer (“Bongs, songs & the truth,” Metro Times, Sept. 24-30), I just wanted to say thanks.

As an “old dog” from those days, I can fully appreciate every line of his discourse. Moreover, it’s most important that today’s young folks and aspirants to some success in the music “bidness” understand that their respective personalities and creative zeal have absolutely nothing to do with that “bidness.” Don’t believe the hype — or if they’ve rejected or put you on the back burner, don’t let that discourage you either! Human beings and real hearts create this music; not accountants, lawyers, promoters and publicists.

The music industry has long had a history of screwing up the lives of those very creative people whom they exploit; and our young aspirants today need to know that and subsequently be protective of themselves from such ravishments.

So thanks again Wayne for being the good heart and truthful spirit that you are. —Kenn Cox, Detroit


Idol worship

I read Sarah Klein’s article on all things Tiki last night (“Freaky over Tiki,” Metro Times, Sept. 24-30), and I just had to write and congratulate her on that entertaining and informative foray into cultural anthropology. Writing it must have been 1) a lot of work, and 2) a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to her next effort. —Greg Farnum, Auburn Hills



Thank you, Sarah Klein, for another fascinating, in-depth story about something I care about deeply. I’m a longtime Tiki fan and I’ve been longing for information about the marvelous Chin Tiki. I wish Mr. Chin the very best and hope that I’ll be drinking and dining in a refurbished Chin Tiki soon.

You are a superb journalist with your investigative finger on the pulse of this exceptional city. Thank you, Ms. Klein, for the work you do. —Carol Bannerman, Detroit


What was hip

Very interesting piece on the Tiki culture and Detroit’s Chin Tiki. Just finished reading it and thought it was fascinating. I had no idea how it all started or why. I remember my mother telling me about going to the Chin Tiki — about it being “the” place to go at one time. It’s one of her memories-of-living-in-Detroit stories. She moved to Southfield a few decades ago.

Anyway, nice piece. —Debbie Patrick, Southfield


More on the worst

Kudos to Jack Lessenberry on exposing the George W. Bush administration (“The worst president in history,” Metro Times, Sept. 17-23). He and his buddies have bungled their way through Bush’s entire presidency but he still has a loyal public following.

Initially, Bush arrogantly thwarted the U.N.’s refusal to invade Iraq. Now he’s sheepishly begging for their help. He’s allowed our beloved United States to slip into one of the worst recessions ever, yet he still rallies for more funding to rebuild Iraq, ignoring his own country’s economic despair.

Sadly, our valiant soldiers are dying daily fighting a war for which there is no solid justification. Bush repeated “loaded” statements in his speech that he and the CIA knew weren’t fully credible; however, Congress only wants the CIA held responsible.

Clinton was almost impeached for refusing to admit his infidelity even though our economy and our international relations were never better during his two terms. On the other hand, Bush gets praised as a hero for completely disrupting our country’s finances and diplomacy. I pray U.S. citizens realize their mistakes at the next election and make the right choice.—Sunaide Wright, Detroit


Not just Bush

I have nothing to add to Mr. Lessenberry’s words on our country’s worst President, except a hearty “Amen!” Dubya is the worst ever — and I suspect Cheney is the worst, or at least the most egregiously lying, vice president in our history. —Judith Squires, [email protected], Los Angeles, Calif.



In “Left end of the dial” (Metro Times, Sept. 24-30), we misidentified the Web site for listening to WHFR-FM 89.3. It is whfr.fm. In the “Zero Potential” column in the same issue, we misidentified the Web site for the band Spy Island. It is spy-island.com.

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