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Editor’s note: We received an unusually large number of letters concerning Jack Lessenberry’s column, “The worst president in history” (Metro Times, Sept. 17-23). Here is a representative sampling:

Fired and flogged

Well, Jack, you had to say it, didn’t you? You had to call the bumpkin in chief “the worst president this nation has ever had.” I hope you have made room on the server and cleaned out some space in your office, because all of the Fox News Channel Stepford children are going to swamp you with e-mails and letters letting you know how wrong you are, and that you should fired — and flogged if possible. Brace yourself, pal, the neocons who are always appalled that an alternative newspaper would publish anything with a liberal view are going to mount an offensive that will shock and awe you.Well, right after they get off the golf course and put $40 worth of gas in the Navigator.—Lee Booher, Livonia

Fighting the liars

We can only hope that the public affords themselves the opportunity to read everything that’s available that lists the depths of the current administration’s wrongdoing. Books such as Lies, and the Lying Liars who Tell Them by Al Franken list clearly the downward direction that this country is headed in. I often wonder if Bush and his cronies actually believe that they are “Christians.” Keep repeating the message. Help to offset the lies being told by the corporate-owned national media.—Jackie Casper, [email protected], Royal Oak

Brave thoughts

Jack, every week I look forward to your editorials in the Metro Times, and every week I enjoy them more and more. This week, however, takes the cake. The article was so good, I felt obligated to put a direct link to it in my online journal for all my friends to read. I guess this is a “keep up the good work” e-mail. Thank you for your ideas and for having the gall to put them forth in the public arena.—Ben LaMothe, [email protected], Bloomfield Hills

Toxic leadership

As usual, you hit the nail on the head, Mr. Lessenberry. It’s about time that someone who articulates their point of view as well as you do finally has the guts to say it.

George W. Bush is the most toxic, dangerous leader of the free world. The worst president ever? You bet. Calculating and dishonest? Oh, yeah. The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction has been living in the White House for the last three years.

T.S. Eliot may have been right after all. “This is the way the world ends — not with a bang, but with a whimper.”

Keep telling it like it is, Jack. —Cheryl M. Morgan, [email protected], Warren

Organ recital

After reading Jack Lessenberry’s column, one could easily get the impression that President George W. Bush is Vlad the Impaler. No, Jack, what makes Bush II the heavy favorite for re-election is not that “one shrewd band of terrorists hijacked four airplanes two years ago.” What gives President Bush the large advantage in ’04 is that he has shown the shown the cojones to go after Saddam and Osama full-tilt, unlike his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton, who lacked the cojones to fight Arab terrorism because his male organ was too busy playing “Besame Mucho” to Monica Lewinsky’s boobs. —Martin Yanosek, St. Clair Shores


In the Sept. 17-23 issue of Metro Times, we misidentified the “Untitled” club night at the Shelter in Detroit. We also misspelled the name of “Papa Joe” Zainea.

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