Letters to the Editor

Jul 2, 2003 at 12:00 am

Not a victim

Mildred Gaddis’ “victim” comment in Jack Lessenberry’s column was totally out of line (“Fight the victim culture,” Metro Times, June 25-July 1). I am proud of where I live as well as of the mayor we selected. However, it’s hard to be proud when others are constantly reporting negative press. By the way, Attorney General Cox found no evidence to support the alleged Manoogian Party ever occurred.

Detroiters should take more responsibility for their actions but we are not playing the victim role, as she would have people believe.

Adding insult to injury, the DMC might be closing soon. It’s sad when doctors, the same people who took a solemn oath to help those in need, are complaining about money and people with Medicare benefits. Never mind all the lives lost because they have refused medical attention to those without insurance. It’s unbelievable that their only resolution is to move from the “deprived” areas into the ones that have the monetary means. So, who’s the victim now, Millie? —Sunaide Wright, Detroit

The Bush problem

Jack, I remain flabbergasted at the way the press went after President Clinton like a pack of rabid dogs because of his fling with a floozy. Yet the unsavory sot who used diabolical tricks to obtain the White House is once again allowed a free ride. Bush lied (his usual pattern) to get an invasion going, resulting in murder, mayhem, chaos, etc. What is everyone so afraid of?

I know President Bush is a frightening, unpleasant psychotic monster. When will the rest of America realize this? —Sunny Safiya, [email protected], Oakland, Calif.

Revisiting racism

When I read the headline of Keith A. Owens’ column, I was thinking, “All right, what is it this time that we did?” (“In need of Negroes,” Metro Times, June 25-July 1). But as I started to engage myself in the article I began to realize that America is becoming more blatant with racism and we black Americans are allowing them to do it.

As I sit in my all-white classes at a predominantly white college which places much emphasis on “diversifying” the campus, I realized we are being rented each day, hour, minute and second for free without our knowledge in order to show that our campus is “by all means necessary promoting diversity.” So why not get a Web site called “indignant whites for free”?

I’m not racist, but am conscious of the things that surround me every day, like being mistreated, disrespected, and labeled as incompetent. My mom always told me “what goes around comes around.” So, Caucasians, watch out — your time is approaching rather rapidly. —Ciara Nicole Throckmorton, [email protected], Ypsilanti

Blowing the horn

What an enlightening and overdue piece W. Kim Heron penned about Faruq Z. Bey (“Musician interrupted,” Metro Times, June 25-July 1). Thanks for letting us know about this significant era of musical creativity in Detroit — or, to use Faruq Z.’s words, “a different social and cultural experiment.” —Leslie Reese, Detroit

No, they cant

Can’t any of your music writers write a review without invoking the name of Jack White or the White Stripes? —Allen Salyer, Royal Oak

Family affair

Geezer & Weezer is a stupid movie review schtick. Worse than that, it’s uninteresting and a waste of print space that could be better utilized by one deluded/pompous movie reviewer talking to us, rather than some guy talking to his son. Please stop. —Dorion Cable, [email protected], Southfield


The picture of Faruq Z. Bey on his motorcycle in the June 25-July 1 issue of Metro Times should have been credited to Rebecca Cook. The motorcycle should have been identified as a Honda, and not as the cycle Bey rode the night of his crash.

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