Letters to the Editor

Jun 18, 2003 at 12:00 am

Pay for paint

I enjoyed your photo essay “Great Walls of Detroit” (Metro Times, June 4-10) and commend photographer Dirk Bakker and writer Glen Mannisto for great work.

Of course, the real credit goes to the artists and the property owners who encourage artistic expression in this socially significant medium. I hope both groups are inspired by your reporting and the result will be a few more murals to soften our city’s pervasive blight.

To that end, I hereby announce an open invitation to all local muralists to submit proposals for the “muralization” of the exterior of the Detroit Puppet Theatre, located downtown at 25 E. Grand River, a half-block east of Woodward — directly across the street from the new underground lot on the site that once hosted the Hudson’s hulk. Initial inquiries may be submitted to me at [email protected].

Our goal is to complete this glorious task by the end of September. And yes, there is pay! —Joseph S. Ajlouny, director, Federal Bureau of Entertainment, Farmington Hills

Pay for play, part 1

Jeremy Voas wrote a great piece on Infinity/AOL Broadband (Screed, Metro Times, June 11-17). I happened to hear several similar references last weekend on WCBS-FM, a quickly fading oldies station in New York City.

Dan Ingram, a legendary DJ dating back to the halcyon days of WABC, made painful, seemingly casual references to Roger Clemens going for his 300th win — with the “news” available on AOL Broadband. (He neglected to mention TV, radio, or any other place in the universe.) It was vile.

Thanks again. I’d be interested in further reactions you hear. —Dan Woog, [email protected], Westport, Conn.

Pay for play, part 2

I read your article about AOL Broadband after learning about it on the Internet. I am from San Francisco, and I noticed that lately here on Live 105 (105.3 FM), the DJs have been mentioning AOL for Broadband a lot on the air. For example — one DJ mentioned a tidbit about the new Radiohead CD and then said something like “You can find more info on this at AOL for Broadband.” The DJs have even integrated AOL for Broadband into their “banter,” such as, “Hey, where did you find that out?” “AOL for Broadband!” It was all very conspicuous.

I wonder how widespread this practice is at radio stations across the country. —Lisa Macabasco, San Francisco

The struggle continues

It was gratifying to read Jack Lessenberry’s column on Grace and Jimmy Boggs (Politics & Prejudices, Metro Times, June 4-10). At last, though Jimmy has passed on, these two visionaries are getting the media respect that they deserved but never received locally until now.

During the turbulent ’50s and ’60s they marched unabatedly against injustices of all sorts in Detroit. Jimmy and I worked together at Chrysler during those years and often spent our lunch hours marching in protest against the restaurants surrounding the Chrysler plant on Jefferson Avenue that would not serve black workers. I was honored to receive an autographed copy of Jimmy’s book, The American Revolution, that he wrote in 1963.

I also enjoyed many spaghetti suppers with Grace and Jimmy at their home on Field Street during those years. May Jimmy rest in peace as Grace, at 88 years old, continues to carry on the legacy that they created together. —Joe Maddox, Detroit

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