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On the team

Thank you so much for publishing the edited transcript of Tim Robbins’ National Press Club speech (“‘A chill wind is blowing in this nation...’” Metro Times, April 23-29). I watched Tim on CNN and was overwhelmed with a newfound sense of patriotism. Boy, I haven’t felt that in a really long time.

Robbins and Susan Sarandon showed tremendous courage and have real balls challenging the machine. There aren’t too many teams willing to play that game. God bless Metro Times for replaying that pitch. I hope more of us can become united in our willingness to defend the freedoms we’re supposed to have as Americans. Alas, we shall all need liberation soon. —Lynnette Boyle, Detroit

Struck out

Guys like Tim Robbins make me laugh. He employs what I call the “hit and hide” strategy. They talk a great game in front of their own, but never show up to debate their ideologies with those who disagree.

He should take a cue from his 11-year-old nephew, who at least had the guts to admonish his teacher to her face for saying uncalled-for things about his Aunt Susan. Good for him.

Robbins and other high-profile liberals can appear on any show they want, radio or TV, to get their message out there. Instead, Robbins goes before the National Press Club and at the end of his speech implores them to do his bidding, apparently because he doesn’t like dealing with the consequences. Too bad.

Grow a spine, Tim. If that’s not possible, I’m sure your nephew will go with you and hold your hand. —Brad Giaimo, [email protected], Bloomfield Hills

Be uplifting

As usual I eagerly went to the newsstand to pick up the weekly Metro Times that I look so forward to for political satire, information on art, dining and musical events. Well, this time you got me, a real slap in the face. Instead of being uplifting in this time of total chaos with the state of affairs in Iraq, when we as loving people are trying to understand our feelings and are praying for the best, Curt Guyette didn’t help out with those war pictures (“Human consequences,” Metro Times, April 23-29). Instead of giving me some hope, you made me feel sick. I hope you respond with photos of hope next issue. —Pam Heidrich, Hamtramck

Could’ve been worse

The photos with Curt Guyette’s story, albeit harsh, were not even as bad as they could have been. But they got the point across, and the cover photo of that swollen child just made my heart ache.

The American media sanitized the hell out of the images it showed us, all for the sake of not offending the pathetically sensitive and delusional pro-war Americans and the equally pathetic advertisers. They can’t handle the truth, it needs to be filtered for them and only using positive imagery. Most of us embrace the “ignorance is bliss” attitude just as long as we know we kicked ass and Saddam is no longer in power. I don’t feel sorry for him, he’s a bastard, but still, I’m ashamed at the methods that the United States used to do what it was hell-bent on doing, all in the name of oil. What country is next: Cuba? Syria? Iran? North Korea? —Simone Cromer, [email protected], Ann Arbor

Corrupting power

In a time when war (or what is more like the New World Order) is taking place, I find it interesting that people are so willing to totally turn over their lives and lifestyles to the government. It is sickening to hear people say that if you question anything the government does, then you are not being patriotic. History has proven that absolute power corrupts absolutely (Politics and Prejudices, Metro Times, April 16-22). We have given the president — who stole the election — absolute power. Thank you, Jack Lessenberry, for making some effort to question and check what those who are in charge are doing. —Derrick Williams, Detroit

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