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Punch this, sucker

Hey, Brian Smith — so a couple guys in bands are whining about being taken advantage of at SXSW — sounds more like sour grapes to me (Suckerpunch, Metro Times, March 26-April 1).

You sympathize with these musicians because they were “pimped” for their art and because they toil for their craft. But this “crime” of which you write is fictitious. Dana Forrester and Erica Koltonow have been supporters of Detroit music for years — long before Detroit was a “brand name.” To imply that they have ever done anything dishonest and to attack their integrity is inexcusable. If you ever do speak with them, you’ll realize what “fucking hard work” is really like.

You must have a personal agenda surrounding the evils of “pay-to-play” and you’ve made Aural Pleasure your sacrificial lamb. I also find it curious that you chose to write about this year’s event when Aural Pleasure has had two previous successful showcases at SXSW. I guess bad news is easier to sell.

If you truly believe that they are “lining their pockets” with the “voluminous” amounts of cash they got for this gig, you are in a fog thicker than the bullshit you call “journalism.” Contact a lawyer — you’re going to need one. —Erin V. Helmrich, Ferndale


Palestine problem

Osama Siblani is typical of so many Arabs (“Arab advocate,” Metro Times, March 19-25). He blames everyone else for all the problems of his fellow Muslims. The fact that every Arab country is a repressive dictatorship whose populations live in poverty while their dictators live like kings doesn’t seem to bother him.

It’s the United States’ fault that the rest of the world does not see any threats from Saddam Hussein, who slaughters his own people and threatens his neighbors. It’s the free media’s fault here in America that they don’t write articles Siblani agrees with and, of course, it’s Israel’s fault that the Arab countries have tried to destroy a tiny country the size of New Jersey since its creation — even though Jews have ties to the land going back 3000 years. Has Arab Palestine ever existed? No! Palestinians could have had their own country in 1948, 1967 and as late as 2000. They do not want peace; they want to destroy Israel.

Siblani should criticize his own Arab brethren who kill their own people indiscriminately. Unfortunately, even educated Arabs like Siblani cannot see the truth in front of their faces. —Michael Kahan, Bloomfield Hills


From the rooftops

I just received a link to Curt Guyette’s work (“Homeland insecurity,” Metro Times, March 19-25) and have subsequently been reading the text attached to the spaces (“Straight to the source,” Metro Times, March 19-25).

I was against this war on Iraq from the start and have always viewed Bush as a fool who was really more a pawn of the true axis of evil — Rumsefeld, Cheney and Ashcroft. But the information on the PATRIOT Act II is truly frightening and I cannot understand why there is not more outcry from the other side. Are they all just playing not to lose? When will the constitutionality of this assault be addressed in court? Where is the Democratic Party leadership? Please help.

Clearly the nut jobs who are so concerned that the government is going to take away their right to own a gun don’t care if the government takes away their right to protest them taking away said right; that’s truly ironic.

Most people who have lived through fascist regimes did not realize it at the time. You have a voice and a forum so please shout. —Ryan Corbin, [email protected], Salt Lake City, Utah

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