Letters to the Editor

Mar 12, 2003 at 12:00 am

Respect your Diddy

I recently read Khary Kimani Turner’s story about Kimberly “Mysterious” Bert, the Detroit-area rapper best known for her stint on MTV’s “Making the Band II” (Metro Times, March 5-11). It was an informative piece about Bert’s rough childhood and troubling adolescence. The story was also inspiring, as it revealed the heartbreak of a missed chance along with the comeback of a determined player looking to make it in the rap industry.

I feel sorry for her hardships. I don’t feel sorry for her attitude. She is quoted as saying, “Puff is full of shit.” There’s a real good way to thank someone for giving you an opportunity. I’m not a fan of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, but Bert should show a little consideration.

Combs and many other hip-hop entertainers didn’t make it on their first, second or third shot. I’m sure Bert knows the meaning of hard work. Now, she needs to learn the meaning of respect. Too bad that Bad Boy Entertainment didn’t choose you, “Mysterious.” Get over it! Hopefully, for your sake, you didn’t “burn” your only “bridge” into making (no pun intended) it big in the rap/hip-hop world. —Paul Klink, [email protected], Detroit

A Canadian’s opinion

Jack Lessenberry, I’ve been reading your columns and watching you on Channel 56 going on about George W. rattling sabers and threatening to obliterate a non-threatening Middle East country. Straightforward enough.

But I’m one perplexed Canuck.

In that paragon of moderation, the Washington Times (Dec. 24, 2002): “Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday the U.S. has the military power to counter the threat of two ‘axis of evil’ states — North Korea and Iraq simultaneously. ‘We’re capable of winning decisively in one and swiftly defeating in the case of the other. Let there be no doubt about it.’”

Forward to the Toronto Globe and Mail (March 7, 2003): “U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld indicated Thursday he wants U.S. troops stationed near the DMZ separating North and South Korea to be moved farther from the heavily defended zone, shifted to other countries in the region or sent home.”

Sent home? From a pillar of the axis of evil? Are these boys going soft? Please enlighten me before I go stir crazy trying to figure out what Cowboy George, Dealin’ Dick and Rummy will do next. It might take an entire column.

Keep up the good work. —Tom Henderson, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

On the syllabus

Wow! Thank you so much, Jeremy Voas, for that column (Screed, Metro Times, March 5-11). I am forwarding it to my long list of rational-thinking relatives and friends. I am a history teacher (college level) and am about to get into American imperialism (i.e. the Spanish-American “War” ) This will fit in nicely. Keep up the good work. —Ann Mulhearn, [email protected], Memphis, Tenn.

Get it straight

Keith A. Owens plays the race card in his column, “Bush, blacks & Iraq,” and shows his apparent ignorance in fact as a good liberal would (Free Your Mind, Metro Times, Feb. 26-March 4). African-Americans do not represent a disproportionately large percentage of the armed forces, as he claims, unless he clarifies that statement to include that blacks are a larger portion of the military in leadership roles. To those who wish to peruse the facts, just go to askjeeves.com, and type in “percentage of blacks in the military” to read the truths. Owens should stick to the music, because journalism is supposed to be based on fact. Generally not so in this rag. —Gary Golasa, Shelby Township

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