Letters to the Editor

Nov 20, 2002 at 12:00 am

Eminem’s grandmother speaks out

My grandson, Eminem, has not discussed the section of your Oct. 30 story called "The Todd Nelson Show" with me ("The real Slim Shady," Metro Times, Oct. 30-Nov. 5). But I have to ask why you published this trash without researching for the truth? This section of the story came from an interview with Todd Nelson Sr., Eminem’s uncle.

In spite of what Todd says, I think 8 Mile was a perfect title for the movie. I saw it twice, and thought it was excellent!

Marshall is not fake and does not intentionally bash anyone — he’s just trying to make an honest living.

Bruce, Em’s father, worked as a laborer for Walnut Veneer Wood Co. They moved to North Dakota, not South Dakota, when Eminem was about two months old. His mother, Debbie, returned to Missouri to my home, when Marshall was five months old. She lived with me until she decided she wanted her own apartment — because I didn’t approve of some of her boyfriends.

The Classic Cab Co. was here in St. Joseph, where she operated one Limo and a couple of cabs. In 2000, she finally had to sell the business, returning to Michigan in the middle of 2001.

Todd claims he remembers Marshall throwing a tantrum in K-mart at age 8 — and Debbie writing a bad check to pacify him. I don’t remember Debbie having a checking account back in those days. How could Todd have seen Marshall throwing a temper tantrum? Todd would have been 19 years old when Marshall was 8. Todd was married with his own son and living in Oklahoma!

If Marshall had a roof over his head with Debbie until he was 26, how come on one of my trips to Michigan, I went to visit Kim, Marshall and little Hailie, and they were living around Six Mile in Detroit. He was approximately 22-23 years old. I was so afraid to be in that neighborhood, I left. I had a new car and was afraid someone might damage it. I also feared for my life. Marshall had spoken about this place in some of his magazine interviews, about how he was continuously robbed and some of his personal items were stolen.

Marshall did have a very hard life — always being moved from Missouri to Michigan — no security!

I was in Michigan when the paint ball incident took place. It was not the way Todd described it in the story. The boys were just playing around and accidentally shot a little paint on a couple of cars. I think he had to pay a small fine.

I was very hurt to see how Todd talked about his deceased brother, Ronnie. It broke all our hearts to hear Nelson tell the terrible lies.

Ronnie and Marshall were very close! They kept in contact until Ronnie’s death in 1991. The tattoo on Marshall’s left arm is in memory of Ronnie, an excellent tribute.

I’m so tired of all the lies that get printed. I think Eminem is still trying to get over a lot of hurt. I’m proud to say he has worked hard. It wasn’t easy, but he made it! Why can’t the family be proud also and quit trying to destroy him? Let him enjoy his success. —Betty Kresin, St. Joseph, Mo.

Water woes

Yow! It is refreshing to see a truthful account about the opportunistic nature of local suburbanites in regard to the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department ("Water wars," Metro Times, Nov. 13-19.

Here in Mount Clemens, we have our own water system. My water bill averages roughly $100 a month, I do not water my lawn nor do I have a swimming pool. My brother in Roseville, who does have a swimming pool, has told me that he has never had anywhere close to such a high water bill.

I have repeatedly contacted the Macomb Daily and asked them to compare the water rates between Mount Clemens and Warren, or between what the Detroit suburbs pay in relation to other major metropolitan areas. My request has been ignored. Apparently, like Dick Posthumus, they'd rather play the race card than honestly assess the situation.

Again, thank you for adding some measure of balance to the debate. —Donald S. Handy, Mount Clemens Send comments to [email protected]