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A family responds

I want to thank Tom Schram for writing "Out of options" (Metro Times, Oct. 9-15). Because of his excellent and thorough article, people are showing my family and me support. I honestly love the article and the pictures that George Waldman took.

Now, I am happy to say that I am not going to miss America because I believe my family and I are not going anywhere. Also, we have more hope. Thank you for understanding. We'll always remember what you have done for us. God bless you. —Caroline Vang, Warren


He’s no moron

While Jeremy Voas’ column was excellent in attacking this country's warmongering atmosphere ("David vs. Goliath redux," Metro Times, Oct. 16-22), I take issue with two points.

First, you described Saddam Hussein as an "evil moron." While Saddam is certainly evil, he is definitely not a moron. Anyone who can seize power in the cutthroat political atmosphere of Iraq and hold it for 23 years, longer than all of his predecessors, has to possess a good deal of intelligence, cunning and ruthlessness. No moron could have pulled that off.

Secondly, you stated, "Will we pre-empt Gadhafi or Kim in conjunction with the next election? Nah. Neither of their kingdoms floats on oil." This statement is incorrect regarding Libya, which is a major oil-exporting country. Not only does Libya's economy "float on oil," but Gadhafi has used oil revenues to finance his efforts to sponsor terrorism, destabilize his neighbors and obtain nuclear arms. —Dave Hornstein, [email protected], Southfield


Welcome publicity

Congratulations, Jeremy Voas, on your most recent column concerning the Bonior et al visit to Iraq a few weeks ago.

You wrote what needed to be written and what I have not seen elsewhere. I am an anti-sanctions, anti-war-on-Iraq activist, and I traveled to Iraq with 12 other men and women from metro Detroit at the very end of 1999.

Also, as an active member of the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights board of directors, I am grateful to you for the plug for our event which featured Bonior and Bishop Tom Gumbleton. We worked hard to promote the event, and I am sure your closing paragraph helped bring some folks out.

Thanks again for your piece. —Rudy Simons, Southfield


Bonior backed

Your column on David Bonior was awesome. Mr. Bonior is such a great man and it's unfortunate the people of Michigan did not realize this. It is even more unfortunate that the people of the United States are not uniting behind him against war in Iraq. —Amanda Paniccia, [email protected], Roseville


Flying for free

I enjoyed Jeremy Voas’ recent column concerning war with Iraq. A survey should be conducted as to how many members of Congress hold a military rank in the reserve services of our country.

Additionally, a check could be made of the military campaigns or battles they may have participated in. Not many, I’d bet. Such military ranks allow the members to benefit by using military transportation to various destinations.

What better lobbyists can the U.S. armed services have? —Richard S. Wisz, Hamtramck


Motherly love

Eve Doster's recent interview with Detroit homeboys, Bill Parker and His Motherscratchers was a real treat ("Country-fried comrades," Metro Times, Oct. 9-15). Her psychological and musical profile of the band was dead on. I had the pleasure of seeing and drinking with the Motherscratchers last December when they opened for Hasil Adkins. Not only did they quench my thirst, they made my feet tap uncontrollably. So much so, in fact, that three days later I paid a visit to my podiatrist. —Mike Condon, Memphis, Tenn. Send comments to [email protected]

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