Letters to the Editor

Sep 18, 2002 at 12:00 am
Getting the crumbs

Congratulations to Lisa M. Collins on the excellent article honoring Avalon International Breads ("On a roll," Metro Times, Sep. 4-10). They do deserve acknowledgement for their enhancement of the Cass Corridor and this community. The history of the support they received from others, and the delineation of their Zen philosophy of business, is great information to get out.

I was disappointed that the photographer was not acknowledged in quite the same big type as photographer Doug Coombe was in the following article. I saw Rebecca Cook work hard photographing the place, being immersed in her work for this article. For 20 years she has been a contributing part of this community as a photographer — one of the few women — breaking ground in her own unique way. I hope that she may be acknowledged in the future. —Marilyn Zimmerman, Ferndale

Editor’s note: Metro Times often credits photographers in larger type when they contribute more that two photographs to a story, as we have done for Rebecca Cook several times in the past.

Joys in the hood

I am inclined to write a letter to the editor after reading the story by Lisa M. Collins about the Avalon International Breads. It was a great story about one of the best places in Detroit. I think it was very well-written. The article was so much more than a local business profile; it told an inspirational story about some great people who love and believe in the Cass Corridor neighborhood. I will look forward to more stories written by Lisa M. Collins, and more stories about people doing good things for their communities. —Ivan Smith. [email protected], Flint