Letters to the Editor

Regaining balance

I read Jack Lessenberry’s "Tickets, balanced or not" (Metro Times, Aug. 28-Sept. 3), and thought it was interesting. Correction: the Democratic Secretary of State candidate in 1998 was Mary Lou Parks, not Mary Sue Parks. Although I agree her candidacy was embarrassing, she's actually a very nice woman so we should at least get her name right.

I was very disappointed in the way John Austin was bumped to the curb for the second consecutive time and I don't understand why labor remains such a dominant force in Democratic politics. Maybe you should do a more in-depth profile of Austin, who certainly showed class and a willingness to do what's best for the ticket. He certainly deserves the respect of Democrats more than Jim Blanchard. —Pat Diehl, [email protected], Lansing

Off the fence

What a great review of Dr. Phil McGraw’s book by Timothy Dugdale (Metro Times, Aug 21-27). It was excellent and interesting and you definitely seduced me into obtaining a copy. Prior to reading this review I was on the fence concerning my opinion of Dr. Phil's perspective. You changed my mind. —Debra Feldman, [email protected], Farmington Hills

Matchless poetry

A huge salute to George Tysh for honoring one of our greatest poets, Ron Padgett (Metro Times, Aug 7-13). Who else could pull off casting Ohio Blue Tip matches as the "lead" in a love poem? Fiction is my home turf, but Padgett continues to lure me toward more poetic pastures. —Karin Hibbert, Mt. Clemens

Go away, little girl

Pretty shrewd sending Andrea Leptinsky, a 23-year-old intern out to do a "story" on the adult dating scene (Back Words, Metro Times, Aug. 21-27). Gee, everyone seems old to her. Imagine that. —Bill Craig, [email protected], Royal Oak

Stop your whining

I don't usually read any articles in the Metro Times. They're usually too whiny. I think I began to read Abby Ellin's article ("Affair of the heart," Metro Times, Aug. 14-20) because of the photos of the young lady that accompanied it. She looked interesting. But this meaningful fling business is sad. Poor Abby has lost her capacity for romance. She's a sleaze being passed from man to man. I bet she thinks that she's liberated or something. —Pat Duffey, Utica


The article "The poetry of the blues" (Metro Times, Sept. 4-10) should have said that John Sinclair’s book, Fattening Frogs for Snakes, is published by Surregional Press, New Orleans. An article about the closing of Motor Lounge ("Last dance," Metro Times, Sept. 4-10) should have said that a young woman who died following a drug overdose at the club was 20 years old and that drug was MDMA, also known as Ecstasy. An article about Avalon International Breads ("On a roll," Metro Times, Sept. 4-10) should have said the bakery opened in 1997.

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