Letters to the Editor

Jun 19, 2002 at 12:00 am
Homeland terror

Jack Lessenberry’s column, "Homeland Insecurity" (Metro Times, June 12-18), is so one-sided it should make your readers quake in their Doc Martens. We are at war, a war that is different than any other in our history. Is it going to be a perpetual war? Are we going to lose our civil liberties? I don’t know

Jack, come to New York and take a look at what was once the World Trade Center? Our government’s response is not about taking away our own civil liberties; it is about preventing catastrophes like Sept. 11 from happening again.

You claim to see no proof of bin Laden’s army of terror. Really? Thousands went through his "training" camps. What do you think they "studied"? Post-colonialist literature? Try reading the United Press, Le Monde and The Guardian, not exactly Republican favorites. They have all reported on the terrorists you doubt exist.

Yes, John Ashbrook believes he is an instrument of God. Frightening. But he is not crashing passenger planes into population centers or plotting to blow up our cities. Why not hit the conservatives where they deserve it: big oil interests here and abroad. Try Motown’s contributions to our gas-guzzling culture, right? Or you could argue your points more thoughtfully and with a much less flip attitude. —John Militello, New Youk, N.Y.

Wrong is wrong

Thank you, Keith A. Owens, for your column on R. Kelly ("I believe he can fall," Metro Times, June 12-18). This is not about race, it is about someone breaking the law by having sex with a minor. It doesn't matter if R Kelly is black, white, gray or blue. Some issues are plain upon their face and do not require the efforts and explanations of apologists, spin doctors or anyone else with some type of political axe to grind.

If R. Kelly is truly preying upon children, my prayer is that the investigators and prosecutors do their level best to nail his sorry butt to the wall. Whether the sex crimes against children are committed by a black heterosexual musician or a white homosexual priest, we cannot be distracted from the central issue by chasing rabbits. —Cliff Yankovich, [email protected], Ada

Ugly truth

Brian Smith, I just read your Dreamworks/Loudermilk piece ("Dearth of the cool," Metro Times, June 12-18)and have to tell you that you rule! That had the same event here, and I was fortunate enough to attend. What a fucking joke, I left shaking my head and wondering if I really want to be working in the music industry. So many bands work so hard for so many years; then you get Loudermilk (who cant get an opening slot on a Tuesday here) getting the fast cash. It’s just ugly. Keep up the good work. —Steve Manning, Sub Pop Records, Seattle, Wash.

On the way back

I wanted to thank you for reflecting the positive side of Detroit in your May 5-11 Summerguide 2002 issue, for showing what it has to offer. Often people not from the city, people who only drive through for baseball games and concerts (like myself), see the city as dilapidated and scary. And it is, there's no denying that. Detroit is run down and not entirely safe. Nonetheless, it is not all bad. The population is doing a lot for the city and it is incredibly heartening to see it. Detroit can be a great city and will be, I have no doubt. Please continue to cover the strides Detroit makes while continuing to reveal what keeps the city from moving forward. You do a great job (much more than any other news outlet I've found), and I think it's imperative that you continue. Cities like Chicago and New York have improved and rediscovered their past glories. Detroit is on their heels. —Ted McDermott, [email protected], Ann Arbor

Good news here

Thank you for your positive news coverage about our historic neighborhoods. We have for years tried to put out good stories about our historic neighborhoods where neighbors who care about each other live. —Melvin Williams Sr., President, Detroit Historic Neighborhood Coalition, Detroit

Job well done

Tricia Woolfenden, I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your accurate, well-written article on Corktown ("Corktown afloat," Metro Times, June 4-11). We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from our neighbors and friends. I wish you all the best with your internship and your future in journalism. —Kelli Kavanaugh, Detroit