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The art of trash

Good story from Lisa M. Collins about a real piece of political and environmental trash ("Ill wind," Metro Times, March 20-26). She is one hell of a writer and reporter. As someone who was a better reporter than a writer, I’m always kind of awed when I see both skills so artfully meshed and put to work, particularly when the journalism is the art of Lisa M. Collins rather than, say, a P.J. O’Rourke. Thanks. —David Holtz, [email protected].com., Ferndale

Smith the fearless

I think your new music editor, Brian Smith, is going to do the Detroit music scene a favor with his fearless criticism of local acts. Not that others hadn't done it before, but he's objective and clearly interested in something more original and magical than raunch for raunch's sake or thinking that it's cool to be nostalgic for Pabst Blue Ribbon — as if that's rebellious.

Rock and roll isn't about people who want to live in magazine-world with their skinny bodies, bed-head hair and vacant gazes. Smith is smart and writes well. Way to go, Metro Times! Your team's getting stronger all the time. —Karla Richardson, Dexter

Smith the tactless

Brian Smith, I was reading your review of some of the bands who played the Blowout this year ("Smoked Hamtramck," Metro Times, March 13-19) and I was shocked to see your comments. I find it hard to believe that you would be so harsh on several of those bands. Most folks will at least find something positive to mix in when reviewing a band, especially a band that has decided to play for you for free. Many of those bands you're talking about are full of great musicians who work very hard on their music. Your article comes off as rude and a real slap in the face to bands that you should be thanking for their effort.

I really hate to talk shit to you, because I play in a band and I have to court your paper all the time. However, I was almost offended when I saw your article. It's cool to be honest, but it's not cool to be unnecessarily merciless to some pretty good bands. I don't know what you're looking for in this city, but you've seen some of the best, and it looks like you're not very into this scene. —Ty Stone, [email protected], Lincoln Park

Against everything

Sometimes I wonder why you publish garbage

like Jack Lessenberry's "Dropping the bomb" column (Metro Times, March 13-19). I really felt like bitch-slapping this whining moron who contradicts himself more than once throughout the column. What is his solution for Afghanistan conflict or tactical nuclear weaponry issues? Maybe he should fly to Afghanistan and start whining until al Qaeda members start dying from severe disgust. Before making accusations and whining like a 2-year-old, share your solution on how to address these problems. He is probably too stupid to come up with one; his IQ level permits only bitching and whining activities — or could it be a

chemical misbalance due to the lack of testicles?

These kind of people thrive on opposing everything and anything that government does and says, no matter what that can be. As a final word to Mr. Lessenberry: Do your homework, maybe travel a little or perhaps watch the documentaries on the History Channel, before producing garbage like your column and sending the wrong message to people who are too dumb to think on their own. And may I ask you to stop depriving some village of an idiot? —Boris Dostal, [email protected], Rochester Hills


Clarification: A recent article about Detroit’s Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Facility ("Ill wind," Metro Times, March 20-26) should have said that Detroit City Council President Maryann Mahaffey opposed construction of the incinerator and is concerned about the environmental and health risks it currently poses. But Mahaffey does not support shutting down the incinerator at least until 2009, when the city is scheduled to make final payment on the trash burner.

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