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A liberal disgrace

As a civil libertarian, I find plenty to dislike in both Democratic and Republican policies. But I've noticed a clear distinction in the way the two approach the other and its positions: The right argues its policies the best if can (sometimes, not very well) while the left prefers to attack the right personally rather than support its own views. I witness this in Jack Lessenberry's weekly whine-fest. He regularly assumes the posture of a 6-year old, resorting to puerile name calling, e.g., referring to the current president as "Shrub." I was no great fan of either George W. Bush or Al Gore, but as the evidence continues to trickle in, it seems pretty clear that Bush won the election after all. But Lessenberry prefers to pout about how Bush "stole" the election, because it fits in with his favorite (and, evidently, only) weapon: personal attacks.

It's a shame you cannot find a talented writer to espouse the left's angle on current affairs, one who focuses on the issues and is able to put forth a cogent and mature defense of its positions. Lessenberry is a disgrace to the liberal viewpoint by resorting almost entirely to sophomoric sarcasm and snappy insults. —John Lieberman, Huntington Woods

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