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History repeats itself

In response to the recent letter in Metro Times (June 27-July 3), why does Keith A. Owens tell the "same old story?" Because "those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it." Have to rub peoples noses in the mess they made and hit them with the newspaper and yell, "Bad Whitey!" —Demetrius Sherman, Detroit

Factory farming

I thought Ann Mullen’s story on the dairy farm manure crisis ("The big stink," MT, July 4-10) was a good piece of journalism. She painted a sensitive picture of the farmer and the contentious issues raised by factory-scale farming.

As long as farmers see their choice as "get big or get out," those who can afford it will choose to become animal factories with no good options for dealing with the waste produced.

It's great to see these issues in an urban-area publication. —Carol Osborne, chair of the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance, Gaylord


The end of Keith A. Owens’ column was inadvertently cut last week. The complete version appears this week on page 11.

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