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Same old story

Keith A. Owens, you’ve opened my eyes. ("Lies done gone" MT, June 13-19). All these years I thought what a nice life slaves had working on the plantations of the old South. Why, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind was our history book when I attended all those white schools growing up in white suburbia. Now you’re telling me Margaret may have fibbed a little and that "it’s way past time to get another perspective" on the life and times of a slave. Keith, you continue the same old tale told a different way each week, how poor black folk continue to suffer from the injustices of the rich white folk.

If this were Ireland it would be the poor Catholic against the rich Protestant. In the Gaza Strip, it would be the poor Arab against the rich Jew. The wall keeps getting higher and higher because the same story keeps getting written over and over again reminding us who our enemies are rather than letting us forget the injustices of the past and build on a future where all men are equal. —Gary Haelewyn, Mount Clemens

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