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Tolerance for all?

Lessenberry, you should be ashamed of yourself for your narrow-mindedness ("Royal Oak: Who really won?," MT, May 16-22). Just because people don't kowtow to current special interests doesn't mean they are bigots or Nazis or Ku Klux Klan members.

Remember, this country and its morals were founded on the word of God. I realize that times change and that not everyone has to follow the same set of religious guidelines in order to be accepted in a free nation such as ours, but I wonder where we would be as a nation if America had been founded on other principles?

Let's be a little more tolerant of those who still believe in traditional values. We are not a threat to you or your agenda. However, we find ourselves under attack by many special-interest supporters like you. Why is it in this nation we can't have free speech and the right of religious expression, the same as you enjoy? —Brian Scoles, Midland

Stop whining

Hey, Jack! Sour grapes? Do you realize what a sore, bitter loser you sound like? I bet you were fun to have on a team when you were growing up. Did you cry and throw a tantrum and call the other team names when you lost? Surely you can see the need to outgrow this immaturity after 40-plus years. Where's the "tolerance and diversity" you espouse? Oh, I see, we Christians have to tolerate behavior that we consider immoral, trampling on our religious beliefs so that we don't come off looking intolerant? I'm not hearing tolerance or diversity on your part when it comes to Christians. If you take the time to read the Catholic Bishops letter you would stop using it as a pro-gay tool. Sure they are "always our children," loved and made in the image and likeness of God, but that doesn't automatically mean that the homosexual act is acceptable. Jack, maybe you need to pucker less and read more before you spew out any more hateful ramblings. —Marian Schulte, [email protected], Farmington Hills

Speak for yourself

I don't know if "Straight Women, Begone" (MT, May 16-22) was written purely for entertainment or not, but I was not amused. Michael Alvear didn’t think through the possible consequences of his article to the gay and lesbian community. How dare he insinuate that he speaks for gay men! That’s exactly the attitude that gives gay-bashers their misconceptions about our culture. I'm sure there are other gay men who share his mentality, but I hope no one reading that article thinks that is the norm. You’d think Alvear would be more media-savvy considering the struggles the gay community is going through.

How sad is it that a person would rather immediately have sex with someone than get to know them first. I'm not trying to be puritanical; I’ve had my share of spontaneous sexual encounters. However, now that I'm 35, I find that connecting with people and getting to know them first is much more rewarding. —R. Leon Mathews, Detroit

Speaking for others

I just had to stop and write concerning Terry Loncaric’s article, "The lesbian dating game" (MT, May 16-22).Oh, my, could I ever relate. Maybe its the age thing (I’m 43), or just who we are, but I just chuckled through the entire article; I could have written it myself. Thanks for making me smile. —Jackie Schilter, [email protected], Mt. Morris.

Blurred vision

"Out of focus" (MT, May 16-22) is right. What the heck is going on with DEMF? Carl Craig fired? Who is Carol Marvin? I don't recall hearing her name at all last year at the festival or during any of the almost year-long adulation after the event.

This is not good because Carl Craig is seen to many as a powerful influence within the house community in and outside of Detroit. He, like Atkins and May and others, is why the throngs of people who have been true to house and techno since the inception support and love this much-needed festival. It doesn’t bode well for the future if the Carl Craig situation is not resolved. —Terrence German, Detroit


In the literature section of the MT summer guide (May 16-22,2001), it should have said that the Third Annual Midwest Poets and Writer’s Conference is sponsored by the Detroit Writer’s (all cq) Guild. Visit www.blackarts-literature.org, or call 313-897-2551.

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