Letters to the Editor

Sep 27, 2000 at 12:00 am
Interesting article, and very astute observation near the end

Wild about Harry

Adam Druckman’s interesting article about presidential candidate’s Web sites ("Campaign buttons," MT, Sept. 6-12) had a very astute observation near the end about providing real information: "I suspect that's exactly what the two major parties don't want to do."

Perhaps you could write about www.harrybrowne.org, the Web site of Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne. The site is very direct regarding Browne’s stance on various issues; nothing fancy, but well designed and with great content. Browne really gives a damn whether people know his views. Combine that with his refusing Federal campaign money on principle, i.e. his disagreement with the concept of taxing some to pay for others' expenses, and you have a very honest candidate, whether you want him to win the election or not. I, for one, do. I suspect many others, upon perusal of the site, would too.

—Bob Shrader, [email protected], Eastpointe


On Ralph’s side

Thank you for the article "Nader's Long March." (MT, Sept. 20-26). I am pleased to see The Metro Times discussing all the political candidates, not just Gore and Bush. And just in case you’re curious, I am voting for Ralph Nader. —Shannon Scofield, Lansing


Pay for the past

Concerning Keith A. Owens’ article, ("How to be sorry," MT. Sept. 20-26), European-Americans and others continue to deny that the wealth they enjoy today is based on an economy of 246 years of African slave labor. America today would have little more than a Third World economy if that slave labor base were removed. Regardless of when a person migrated to the United States, their prosperity today is derived from the holocaust of African slave labor followed by the apartheid of yesteryear. Therefore, no one is exempt from apologies and reparations due to descendents of enslaved Africans.

Not in my time, but someday, brave scholars are going to research and write the true story of American history, in lieu of the European ego-trip and distorted version being fed to the world presently. Europeans, South Africans, Canadians and Australians have come to grips with their brutal treatment of people of color. When will Americans? —Helen H. Gentry, Detroit