Letters to the Editor

Sep 13, 2000 at 12:00 am
The doctor is still in

Thanks to Jack Lessenberry for doing a commentary on Jack Kevorkian "Let the prisoner be seen," MT, Aug 30-Sept. 5). What he said was true in all respects — except one. Jack Kevorkian has many people who think of him, and still support him. My being the "high priestess of Fieger-space," I can tell you that I hear from hundreds of Kevorkian friends and supporters every month. His page on my Web site often is the most-visited page on my Fieger site that gets hundreds of visitors per day — but we won't tell Geoff Fieger that.

Jack Kevorkian is still very much in our thoughts. I've put your commentary on Jack's news page. —Chris Bush, www.fansoffieger.com, Chicago, Ill.


The real crime

I am outraged at the actions of the teachers and administration of Whitmore Lake High School and the Northfield Township Police Department, since high school students lose more and more of their rights every day. ("Now, strip, kids," MT, Aug 23-29). I have questions not covered in the story: Who strip-searched the gym teacher? If the teacher was not strip-searched, why not? Why were only the students suspects and not the teacher? I find it funny that the missing money was not found on any of the students, and that only the students were suspected of the crime. The true crime here is the actions of the faculty. I hope the students will stand up for the few rights they have left and take action concerning this violation. —Robert J. Porzondek, St. Clair Shores


Singing angel

What a great article ("Shahida’s second set," MT, Aug. 30-Sept. 5)! My feelings are only slightly hurt that you didn't call to interview me because I have a ton of stories about Shahida, many of them inspirational and most of them hilarious. She called and said "I don't know if you heard or not, but I was in a really bad accident and I'm in rehab and even though a bunch of my stuff was missing from my purse, for some reason your

number was in there, so, that's why I'm calling." I wound up visiting Shahida in rehab, bringing the fried chicken and french fries that she requested. We discovered that we have a similar sense of humor and I stayed until I was kicked out by a security guard who we had skillfully been avoiding for more than an hour; whenever we heard him approaching I would quickly wheel Shahida's wheelchair like I was genuinely going to take her back to her room!

Do you mean to tell me that she didn't even mention how I've been trying to beat her at Scrabble the last 3 years? —Leslie Reese, [email protected], Detroit


Race or culture?

I read Keith Owens’ article, "Whitey in the bar" (MT, Aug. 23-29), and couldn't help but just make a quick comment or two. I by no means profess to be an expert on the issues of race, but I would like to point out that we are not the only nation where race affects our culture significantly. Let’s not forget all the troubles in Bosnia and the old Yugoslavia are based on race; not like the black-and-white issues we have here, but concerning differences we as a culture really don't recognize. The differences between their cultures are as powerful as our black-white differences. —Brian Kelley, [email protected], Royal Oak


Bury the Shrub

I will own up to having made a few protest votes when the success of the "lesser of evils" was assured ("Nader: Diversion, not direction," MT, Aug. 30-Sept. 5).

So, as much as I Like and respect Ralph Nader, a vote for him is a vote for Bush. Too much is at stake to risk getting this know-nothing frat boy elected. Why underwrite the bribery of the oil cartel with our votes?

Surely most Democrats are nothing to crow about for progressives, but the Republicans have demonstrated such a mean-spirited greed that makes life for ordinary citizens pure hell. If you still have doubts, consider the hypocrisy of a "leader" whose offenses are graver than a lot of the convicts in his Texas prisons. Remember also that the Bush offspring already robbed the Treasury, Silverado Savings and Loan and the Small Business Administration when their daddy was president. Do you really want an even more potent encore? —Irene Brown, Farmington