Letters to the Editor

Elitist view

Elliott Wilhelm’s comments on subtitles in George Tysh’s interview ("Cinema varioso," MT, Aug 16-22) pissed me off. He says people have trouble watching movies with subtitles. For some people the subtitles or closed-captioning of movies and television programs are a needed thing since they are hard of hearing (as I am) or deaf.

He offends me with this elitist thinking. I like movies and television, and captioning helps me to understand the programs better. If he wants my money for the DFT he should offer more films with open captioning and offer better listening equipment for the DFT. The current equipment is crappy, and most the films they show are elitist crap anyway. I go to the Star Southfield, which shows open-captioned movie once a month. Their listening devices are much better, and so are the movies. —Bryan Mclean, [email protected], Sterling Heights


Judge not

I have just read your review about the Temple ("Worship the oysters," MT, Aug. 16-22). While not defending their food or atmosphere, I would like to enlighten you.

When you judge restaurants, you judge people. I think that you should temper your judgments with proper wording and phrasing. Your recent review was rather harsh, in my opinion, and in defense of serious journalism, I believe it prudent to know exactly what you are talking about. Dining is a serious business; constructive criticism is the key, not a scathing review. If you judge, be knowledgeable, be compassionate, understand the environment.

So many factors go into opening and running a restaurant that it is virtually incalculable to measure all the details. So please, have an informed opinion when commenting on someone's work. — Paul McCallum, Detroit


Back on the bus

First, thank you for your very insightful article regarding D-DOT ("Driven to bus," MT, Aug. 23-29). The article highlights the need for D-DOT to become more customer-focused and market-driven.

I agree with you about the need for a comprehensive transit map. I know Karen Kendrick-Hands has recommended to D-DOT and SMART that a transit map, which list both D-DOT and SMART routes, be created.

Regarding SMART ads, SMART does advertise and ads were played on WOMC as part of WOMC's Dream Cruise coverage.

I hope you plan to participate in upcoming transit forums held by SEMCOG. Your experience with transit in Metro Detroit needs to be conveyed to those trying to create a transit plan for our area. —Bill Houghton, SMART bus rider, Ferndale

Metro Times editorial staff

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