Letters to the Editor

Readers on bugging our representatives and more

Bother your reps

This year the candidates for president will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, with one telling us of the heroic things he has done, and the other telling us of the miraculous things he will do. Almost everything President Obama takes credit for had to be passed by Congress. The promises made by candidate Romney must be made law by Congress to be fulfilled. The president can only veto a law; he cannot pass one.

Congress has the power to address the nation's problems but Congress may be the nation's most serious problem. Contact your representative and senators and ask them what they are doing about the issues that concern you. Don't accept promises of future action. If they have not done anything since the last election why should you believe they will take action now? Don't allow them to continue to fail by voting for them again. —Irving B. Welchons III, Charlotte, N.C.


Sex will not sell

Re: Detroitblogger John's story "Girls on film" (July 3), the next time he talks to John Juan, he should let him know that his business will be closing shortly — good is replacing evil in this sex-driven culture. Likewise, the movie, Magic Men, will meet its demise. —Candace Snyder, Southfield

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