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We had a number of interesting posts on our website this week. In response to Larry Gabriel's Stir It Up column, "Detroit's turning point?"(April 11), nobsartist posted:

I like it when the "fair and just" have to make decisions based on policies that are obviously corrupt. When Gov. Snyder applies his bogus and unconstitutional emergency financial manager law, he has a problem with consistency.

That is why his crap law will be thrown out by courts higher than the kangaroo system we have in this eighth most corrupt state.  Snyder and his merry band of idiots are having a hard time applying this "law" because it was poorly thought-out and is unconstitutional. 

Good job, Dick, waste more of our money on your personal issues.  Soon, you will be recalled and back to running bankrupt companies.

Ud-law also posted:

My former office, the Law Department, is being cut 50 percent! Do these bean-counters think no one will sue the city again? Past attempts at using non-city attorneys have resulted in poor results (a huge learning curve about municipal law) and increased costs!

In response to Jack Lessenberry's Politics & Prejudices column, "The GOP's toxic agenda" (April 4, 2012), which included commentary on the optional motorcycle helmet rule, JJ posted:

I'm a motorcycle safety instructor. I've done three circumnational rides, and been to 47 of 49 states, plus traveling coast-to-coast in Canada. I was hit from behind and nearly killed by an unlicensed, uninsured, speeding driver who had run a stop sign and reached down to pick up a cell phone from the car floor. I am writing this now because I was wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet. 

'Nuff said.

In response to Jack Lessenberry's Politics & Prejudices column "Will it work?" (April 11), bubbahelms posted:

Hey, Jack: First off, like I said before, the financial manager situation should involve a binding referendum vote where Detroiters decide their options: Finacial manager, consent decree or bankruptcy. The main reason for this is, whatever the outcome, the citizens of the city will have the final decision over which way the city should go. Having a financial manager put in place and removing the elected officials, however corrupt or stupid they may be, is usurping and undermining the voters' choice, and they will not react in a positive manner. And right now, their reacting positively may be the only thing separating success and failure. 

In response to Scott Harrison's "My favorite son," part of our Home Opener Issue (April 4), Beau Harrison posted:

Interesting to read. Trumbull and Tiger Stadium are good old memories! If you are a "mature" Tiger fan, you will never forget '68 because it was great baseball and helped put the sadness of '67 behind you. It was the Year of the Tiger — and that great World Series victory will always be a special Detroit memory.

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