Letters to the Editor

Our readers sound off on the EFM law, Stabenow and more

Jul 6, 2011 at 12:00 am

Delighted with Debbie

Re: Jack Lessenberry's "Defending Debbie" (June 29), he could not be more right.

I have met Debbie Stabenow several times. I have never encountered anyone in politics who is nicer and more decent than her. Stabenow has her heart in the right place and is a real class act. Michigan is lucky to have her representing us in the U.S. Senate. —James Melton, Detroit

She's a keeper

Jack Lessenberry provides a thoughtful evaluation of our effective and popular senator. She understands that her role is to advocate for Michigan in every way possible. She was instrumental is passing "cash for clunkers" when the car industry was on the verge of collapse and is a strong voice for Michigan agriculture. Her popularity is based on her effectiveness. Michigan needs Senator Stabenow and will most assuredly re-elect her in 2012. —Jules B. Olsman, Huntington Woods

Losing his head

I read with great interest the article, "Dictate this," (June 29). During the French Revolution, Marie Antionette, when making comment about the peasantry, was quoted saying, "Let them eat cake" — and the aftermath was her beheading by guillotine. Gov. Rick Snyder faces a similar dilemma: not a physical beheading, but a recall effort, as he has violated the citizens' constitutional rights and raised the ire of the citizenry by giving unlimited powers, with no checks and balances, to emergency managers the citizenry didn't vote for. The emergency managers are tantamount to tsars, whom the electorate didn't vote for, and who have the "authority to seize and sell the assets of a public school system or city ... they can even dissolve whole cities, counties and school districts." They are only accountable to the state's executive branch of government, with no checks and balances. We, the people, have taken a stand and are building our guillotine — our recall effort — to stop the further erosion of our constitutional rights. Power to the people! —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit

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