Letters to the Editor

Plenty more on failing the poor

Oct 12, 2011 at 12:00 am

Cross purposes

Re: Jack Lessenberry's "To hell with the poor" (Sept. 28), Lessenberry needs to read his own writings. Wasn't it Jack who supported Gov. Snyder's cuts when he first became governor? Jack criticized then-Gov. Granholm for not making the necessary budget cuts. But Gov. Granholm was influential enough to get billions from Washington to keep Michigan afloat and payments going to destitute Michigan families. Come on, Jack, didn't you say you clawed your way "into the educated middle class — with the assistance of education subsidized by the state?" Call it what you may, you have received welfare. Isn't that what a "subsidy" is? Welfare? Jack read your own writings and you can see your hypocrisies. —Helen H. Gentry, Detroit


'Kill the Poor'

I read with a saddened heart the article "To hell with the poor," and must ask the question: "Whatever happened to, 'I am my brother's keeper' and 'Give us your poor, your tired, huddled masses'?" It seems that the legislators give less than a damn about the poor who "will always be with us." Have lawmakers become so cruel and insensitive of the needs of others that they think by cutting people off assistance, some who through no fault of their own, due to mental illness or physical disabilities can't financially provide for themselves, to save money and balance a budget that the poor will go away? It appears that way. None of those people asked to be poor nor has the ability to take care of themselves. Some children, "who are the future" and are innocent victims of this legislation, will be irreparably harmed and put at more of a disadvantage. The system is based on honesty, and some people who are on assistance are not honest and they are the ones who should have been cut off instead of "throwing the baby out with the bath water." I say, to hell with Gov. Snyder and all the legislators who voted with him to kill the poor. —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit 


Enough is enough

Re: "To hell with the poor," Jack really writes some good stuff. I don't think the average folks really know what's going on, especially those who have enough to get by. It's interesting, because I had a decent job for more than 28 years at GM only to end up on the curb with many others in 2009. Worked salary, which might as well have meant running your favorite trap play in football without a jock strap. I began to help out at Gleaners while I was still working every other weekend, packing food for those that truly have nothing. Then I lost my job. Now I can hardly afford the gas to drive downtown to help those that are hungry. 

Enough about me. There is something that really stinks and I am past tired of it and so are many others. I support your views and hope you keep plugging for those that don't have a leg to stand on. I may add — when the middle class totally dissolves and can't even think about affording a car or a decent supper out, the rich will have achieved their goal. Shame on them! —William Tomasak Jr., Royal Oak