Letters to the Editor

Reverse Robin Hood: Our readers sound off on Snyder's budget

Recall time

Re: Jack Lessenberry's March 23 column, "Screwing the future," I am a retired school teacher concerned about all of the aspects of Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget, especially how schools are impacted.

Citizens are rightly angry about being abused by this legislation, about the poor being short-changed, about schools suffering millions in cutbacks due to the budget. And it is insane to have a budget deficit of $1.5 billion and then double it by cutting corporate taxes. And it is insulting to call this pillaging as "shared sacrifice."

I participated in the senior rally held at the Capitol a few weeks ago. The emotions ran from anger to frustration to fear of being poor and a burden to others — to lose all human dignity because some bean counter wants your money to solve his problems.

I would rather see recall petitions circulated now for any Democrat or Republican who favors the proposed legislation. If a reason for the recall is needed, the law that was signed on the emergency manager concept — this bill would justify a recall. —Thomas W. Donnelly, Canton

War on teachers?

Re: "Screwing the future," thank you so much for writing this article. I am a Gibraltar School District employee and proud of it. I feel as if everything I read is absolutely negative about teachers. My husband is also a teacher; he is currently on a three-year pay freeze. We both love our jobs and would hate to change careers just to keep food on the table. —Crystal Fowler, Woodhaven, employee of Gibraltar School District, union member, GEA

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