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Poor voting record

Mr. Saunders's cogent letter (Letters to the Editor, "Not for long," Oct. 19) about Republicans' attitude toward the lower classes and unemployed (Politics and Prejudices, "To hell with the poor," Sep. 28) fails on one material point. The poor vote poorly. Political scientists have mulled over this question with differing conclusions but have blessedly abandoned the old thesis that "everyone is pretty happy: So why vote?"

Of one thing the pol-consultant types are sure: When white, rural males, three paychecks from food stamps, find their way to the polling station, they will go like pointer dogs for some right-wing bastard. —G. M. Ross, Lowell


In response to Jack Lessenberry's "DPS: FUBAR Planet" (Oct. 19), Muffy12 posted:

I typically agree with most of what Lessenberry said, and while I do think $650,000 is a little steep for seeing a guy's wee-wee, I think she should have been compensated.

There's a lot more to this — No. 1, it's sexual harassment; No. 2, this woman did not leave her home to try to save an epically failing school to be abused. She had the right to expect lawful, professional treatment.

You think that having had to make similar payouts, the schools would crack down on this behavior, and given the guy had no qualifications to be a school board member, you have to wonder how he ended up in this position.

He knew better to do what he did. It's a shame the kids will lose out, but people need to be careful about who they elect. Elections have consequences.

MargeSimpson posted:

Muffy, what exactly is adequate compensation for the trauma of 20 minutes of a guy touching himself? She was so traumatized she almost got up and left. C'mon: Any woman has seen this stuff once in her life and seems to live through it without any compensation. This woman was out to get a payout from day one. Exactly what did she do as superintendent anyway while Robert Bobb and Barbara Byrd-Bennett were running the show?

Errata: Our review of Torino Espresso + Bar ("Warm receptions," Oct. 19) contained a few inaccuracies. Torino uses Cadillac Coffee Company as a distributor, obtaining Guatemalan fair trade organic whole beans to be freshly ground for drip coffee. They use Illy espresso that's ground per order, or every 10 minutes, if busy. Torino's managing partners are Samer Abdallah and Jim Culliton. Nicole Matos is strictly a bartender. Torino gets its chicken not from a farm but a distributor north of metro region; the actual chickens are Amish-raised in Indiana. In Higher Ground ("Cannabis cup wrap-up," Oct. 19), we should have said that former Detroit Police Chief Isaiah McKinnon will speak in support of decriminalizing marijuana at the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham on Dec. 6. Also, a picture accompanying the Edgefest schedule in the Oct. 19 issue was misidentified. The caption should have said the group was the ROVA Sax Quartet.

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