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Our readers on pot, Gaga and more

Call the cops!

I was very disturbed by your recent article, "Raids and aftermaths" (June 15). I don't understand how police seem to be able to act as thugs with no accountability. It is daytime robbery! What can the average pro medical marijuana advocate do to help these persecuted and robbed people? My first instinct was to try to contact Lt. David Demick of Clinton Township just to ask why? —Andrew Brown, Ann Arbor

Dutch uncles

Regarding John Sinclair's article "Turning back time" (June 22), regarding the Netherlands' moves to block nonresidents from patronizing coffeeshops: That's it, folks. As much as we love Holland, we are not coming back. There is more than enough of that petty, mindless anti-pot attitude here in the United States that we don't need to feel it in Amsterdam. The other piece of it is the anti-tourist discrimination, which is insulting. We are leaving on a European vacation this summer and Holland is not on our list. Bye-bye. —Alexander Diamond, Wiscasset, Maine

Born out this way

Bill Holdship's article "In Defense of Gaga" (June 8) has left me feeling almost euphoric. I feel proud that a writer of your caliber exists, but especially in my hometown. I moved to Los Angeles three years ago for whatever reasons you can muster, but hearing what you said about there being a kid in Grand Rapids wearing nothing but a trench coat and a speedo excites me! Sounds slightly masochistic of me probably, but I mean it in the best way.

Growing up gay in metro Detroit and Michigan as a whole wasn't easy for me. It is great to hear that someone like Gaga might really make a difference to some queer boy expressing himself in a socially conservative place. We all know why Michigan is generally a blue state, and it certainly isn't its social inclusion.

She's radical, she's brilliant, and she's perfect to me. Thank you for defending her. I say that as a gay man, as a proud Detroiter-Angeleno, and as a "little monster." —Nick Brewer, West Hollywood, Calif.

Delray delays

Several years have gone by while we've waited to build this new bridge from Detroit into Canada. The governor and legislators noted that the bridge could only be built in Delray many years ago. The people in Delray and areas of southwest Detroit have been waiting. They have gone to meeting after meeting. Government officials and planners have worked on the plans, cost factors and what will happen to people in the area.

So, to the Michigan lawmakers (Republican), how about a little consideration and thought to the people in Delray and southwest Detroit? Not only to the owners of the Ambassador Bridge? —Flora Moore, Detroit

Readin' and ridin'

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your running of the article "Magic Bus" (June 15). With so much negative publicity about the Detroit Public Library recently it was a refreshing change to read about the services libraries and librarians actually provide to the community. For many people it will be their first glimpse into how their tax dollars are being used and how important libraries are to many of the neediest in our society. Thank you! —Joan E. Beaudoin, assistant professor at Wayne State University's School of Library and Information Science, Detroit

District line fever

I completely agree with Professor Lessenberry about a commission doing the redistricting work with the new census data ("Drawing the lines," June 22). This is one of those times to invoke the philosophy of the progressive era: Take it away from the pols and give it to the technocrats.

There is a fascinating twist to this Kent County. The word on the street is the GOP would like to "throw under the bus" Congressman Justin Amash, the Republican who succeeded Vernon J. Ehlers. Amash is an attractive right-wing bimbo who should not be representing greater Grand Rapids. Oklahoma would be more appropriate, given this "committed Christian" (from his campaign website) who adores human life and guns in equal measure while blaming the federal government for the Great Recession.

He might play well in Solon Township; the country club Republicans out "East" who pull the big strings are still reeling from his primary victory. In the climate of 2010, the qualified Democrat did not have a prayer, but maybe with new congressional boundaries. ... —G. M. Ross, Lowell

Due to an editing error, Jack Lessenberry's column "Drawing the lines" (June 22) said congressional districts are to vary by no more than 1 percent. The column should have said that they, in fact, must vary by no more than one person.

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