Last Dems standing

Will there be any viable Democratic presidential candidates other than Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry remaining by the time Michigan Dems caucus this Saturday? We ask this question just prior to going to press Monday evening, not knowing how the seven-state showdown on Tuesday has panned out. News Hits’ own highly unscientific survey at a Saturday night party found that it’s Kerry all the way, not because of his policies but rather his perceived electability. The overarching sentiment is ABB (as in Anybody But Bush), with even one of our most diehard Libertarian pals saying he so fears our prez that he’s willing to commit the sacrilege of voting for a Dem this time around. If, by some odd turn of events, Howard Dean is still breathing by the time you read this, a Michigan win will be crucial. So there could be some drama. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who pretty much wipes up last place everywhere (Why is it the candidates News Hits like always wipe up last place?), has vowed to stay in it until the end. So those true believers willing to support the most under of dogs will have the chance to show their support no matter what.

Whatever the outcome of Super Tuesday, you’re still going to vote, right? (All our many, many Republican readers, intelligent beings that they are, of course realize this item is not directed at them.)

If so, there are two events this week that might be of interest.

First is a rally tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 4) sponsored by the Arab American Institute. Representatives of campaigns will be on hand. Starting time is 5 p.m. at the Henry Ford Center for Performing Arts, 15801 Michigan Ave., Dearborn. (Note to candidates: Look at the demographics, guys. See the power of the Arab American vote. Forget sending reps and show up personally for this. It could pay off big come November.)

On Thursday live, in-the-flesh candidates will participate in a Town Hall intended to focus on their urban agendas. The event is sponsored by the Freedom Institute for Economic, Social Justice and Political Empowerment, a group founded by the Rev. Wendell Anthony, head of the Detroit NAACP. The event will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Northwest Activities Center, 18100 Meyers in Detroit. Seating is limited. For more information phone 313-533-5033, 313-538-3001 or 313-871-2087.

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