Knobs and sticks

Another good way to divide people into social groups is by transmission. People either like to drive cars with automatic transmissions or they like to shift for themselves in cars with stick shifts. Depending on how you look at, automatic transmission people either enjoy convenience and comfort, or they’re lazy, decadent fat cats. Manual drivers tend to be more traditional and/or cheap. Aside from these insightful generalizations, transmission is not really interesting or exciting to think about. Until, that is, you begin to ponder car accessories, specifically shift knobs. Yes, it may be time to spruce up your gear shifter and make that thing you touch every day a little more like you. Shift knobs featuring hipster images such as skull and crossbones, pin-up icon Bettie Page, 8-balls, jesters and photos of Tony Danza (just kidding) are now available for $25-$30 at

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