Jeffrey Morgan's Rockin' Media Blackout

Dec 26, 2007 at 12:00 am

May auld acquaintance be Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #151!

The CinematicsA Strange Education (TVT) :: For torching a Remington typewriter on the front cover, they get an E. But if it's only a Photoshop fire, then they get an F for fake.

Big BusinessHere Come the Waterworks (Hydra Head) :: Led Zeppelin crashes into Black Sabbath. Oh, the inhumanity!

EnoHere Come the Warm Jets (Island) :: Waterworks, geddit?

Deaf School"Golden Showers" (Warner Bros.) :: Warm jets, geddit?

The Stranglers"Golden Brown" (EMI) :: Ewwww, fergeddit.

SaosinSaosin (Capitol) :: Memo to muggers: These whiny pushovers have VICTIM written all over them.

WintersleepWintersleep (Labwork) :: So do these guyzzzzz.

The CicadasThe Cicadas (Roble Rot) :: Huey Lewis goes country!

Sara WendtWeightless With Love (City Canyons) :: Buddhist rock is the Next Big Thing, so get on board before this llama leaves the Potala. Perfect listening for reading T. Lobsang Rampa or watching Lost Horizon.

Beatnik BeatchBeatnik Beatch (Noble Rot) :: If you collect album covers with midgets on them, then this reissue's for you.

D.O.A.Bloodied but Unbowed (Sudden Death) :: One of their songwriting credits is: "Vancouver Punk Trad." They wish.

Snatches of PinkLove Is Dead (8th House) :: Raucously rawer than the Stones on smack but too pussy to call themselves Pink Snatch.

The Rolling Stones"Torn and Frayed" (Rolling Stones) :: Ever notice how the singer breaks up and laughs between the words "kick" and "it"?

Walter CarlosSwitched on Bach (Columbia) :: Say, whatever happened to seminal synthesizer pioneer Walter Carlos? I haven't seen his name on an album in decades.

SIZZLING ROCK GODDESS OF ANY CENTURY: Grace SlickPeriod (Grunt) :: "White Rabbit." "rejoyce." "Two Heads." "Lather." "Bear Melt." "Hey Fredrick." "Eskimo Blue Day." "Mexico." "Law Man." She's the undisputed all-time greatest female singer-songwriter in the entire history of rock 'n' roll. And although it's true that she never recorded an album called Period, after waxing her Manhole, she sure should've.

Orson WellesF For Fake (Elmyr de Hory) :: Geddit?

Be seeing you next year!