Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

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No, I just wanted to say don't get hung up about Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #226!

Joe CockerBird on a Wire (Eagle Rock DVD) :: Boy, what a difference a decade can make, huh? Ten years after his 1970 Mad Dogs prime, we find the Rotating Rocker in Doucheland backed by a buncha lanky Eurodisco-dressing dudes 'n' dudettes. Luckily, his voice is in fine fettle and his hair still reasonably long, even if he doesn't paw at it once. Bonus points for belting out a boisterous "High Time We Went."

Chad Van GaalenSoft Airplane (Flemish Eye) :: When he's not using an effective falsetto similar to Bryan Ferry ("Willow Tree") or a droll mid-range that evokes Neil Young ("Bones Of Man"), he's using his own plaintive voice to front a series of oddball Eno-esque pop songs that remain upbeat, despite the mordant subject matter.

Obscured by CloudsPsycheclectic (Psycheclectic) :: An ambitious prog rock album where surface-sutured layers of trippy textures and trances melt into ominous simmering swatches of deep-seated psychotronic sensations before slowly coalescing together again.

Palmyra DelranShe Digs the Ride (Apex East) :: She begins with a "Wipeout" riff and then shifts into third gear — it's all right — with a classic janglin' guitar-driven groove that manages to stuff a wild surfin' bird with a beach blanket bikini.

Tom VerlaineDreamtime & Words From the Front (Collectors' Choice) :: These '80s solo albums from Television's anchorman sound like early herky-jerky Talking Heads in places, but it's the wonky up-tempo tracks like "Mr. Blur" and "Present Arrived" that prove it all night like an analog TV set jammed between channels — and don't I miss that sound!

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Family Force 5Dance or Die (Tooth & Nail) :: Cheap Trick and Flavor Flav meet the Jacksons and Kiss on this utterly charming album that dares to mix high energy power pop and low brow ghetto funk with a big heapin' helpin' of Teutonictronics lathered thick on top. I haven't had so much fun listening to an album in days, so ketchup!

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