Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Jun 10, 2009 at 12:00 am

What the world needs now is Jeffrey Morgan's sweet Media Blackout #219!

Bart DavenportPalaces (Antenna Farm) :: Burt Bacharach is more like it and I like it, like it, yes, I do.

Bad FlirtVirgin Talk (Kartel) :: What's to like? How about perky power pop fuelled by fun-filled female vocals, a wickedly witty sense of humor, an enclosed pamphlet with a suitable-for-autographing poster, and the words "THANK YOU" in huge type on the flip side.

Holly Golightly & the BrokeoffsDirt Don't Hurt (Transdreamer) :: Murder-in-the-makin' songs like "My 45" show why American slothic lives on this banjofied country hoedown which was recorded with the safety off. BLAM!

Deas VailWhite Lights (Brave New World) :: No! Psychedelic Furs meet Yes! Maybe?

The Wedding PresentEl Rey (Manifesto) :: Heavily tremoloed contemporary '80s angst rock with a Europatina that says: re-gift.

Rae SpoonSuperior You Are Inferior (self released) :: A woman singing self-penned songs like "My Heart Is a Piece of Garbage. Fight Seagulls! Fight!" and "Come on Forest Fire Burn the Disco Down"? Crazy, man, crazy. Roll over Leonard Cohen and tell Lewis Furey the news.

The Moody BluesLive at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (Eagle) :: Prog schlock.

SNIVELING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Rhino BucketThe Hardest Town (Acetate) :: Gee, you'd think that these callow mugs would be grievously ashamed of slavishly aping AC/DC so blatantly, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. I guess the name "Vomit Bucket" was already taken, huh?

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Carlos del JuncoSteady Movin' (Northern Blues) :: The greatest harmonica player in the world is back with another album that only serves to further cement his already stellar reputation — and if you think what he does in the studio is jaw-dropping, then you just gotta see him live to get the full gist of his uncanny ability. Bonus points for writing a clever Canucklehead harp tribute to the GFOS called "Mashed Potatoes Canada" that loiters with intent on the corner of Good God Boulevard and Hit Me Drive.

Be seeing you!