Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout

That's J-e-double-f-r-e-y Morgan's Media Blackout #214!

Sum 41All the Good Sh**: 14 Solid Gold Hits 2000-2008 (Aquarius) :: I'll say what these smug dealers are too pussy to spell out on their album cover because they're afraid of losing valuable Wal-Mart sales: This juvenile generic angst rock is shit.

Johnny Winter and …Live (Columbia) :: I tossed this one on the old Victrola and 30 seconds into the first paint-peeling track, "Good Morning Little School Girl," the graft-takers at City Hall had passed a noise ordinance banning me from ever playing this album again. Can't say I blame 'em.

Doug Cox & Salil BhattSlide to Freedom 2 (Northern Blues) :: A passel of peacenik paeans primarily played to power your interplanetary pud into place!

Synthetic ElementsTrashed Out Paradise (Filthy Beast) :: Anyone expecting a Moogster mash because of the band name will be surprised to find an ambitious pop-rock offering which has some early Alice aural theater lurking in the background. Next time, they should let their inner Coop out.

SIZZLING PLATTERS OF THE WEEK: Jeff JarrettKing of the Mountain (TNA Home Video) :: I hate monopolies, especially big bloated ones that ruthlessly swallow up the competition and then callously humiliate former employees by publicly blacklisting them from work on live television. So when professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett put his money when his mat is and bucked the odds by successfully forming his own competitive brand of Total Nonstop Action seven years ago, he ended up getting the best revenge. Now comes this whopping 12-hour, four-disc set which, unlike previous wrestling compilations, alternates every match with a lengthy in-depth interview segment that tells the entire story of Double J's guitar slingin' career from his early years of toil and turmoil in the regional promotions to now. Augmented by a wealth of rare archival footage, this veritable half-day history of the wrestling profession is essential viewing for anyone who's a champion of free enterprise — and that's why King of the Mountain is the wrestling DVD of the year.

Be seeing you!

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