Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

In a world enslaved by mediocre rock critics, one man will rise up and free all of humanity by daring to write Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #188!

Don LaFontaneR.I.P. (1940-2008) :: In a world without "The Voice" of Don LaFontane, movie trailer voiceovers will never be the same again.

Andreas ÖbergMy Favorite Guitars (Resonance) :: A little too slick for my liking, this polished smooth tribute to the usual jazz guitar suspects has a dated feel to it that smacks of old Stanley Clarke albums and Deodato's 2001.

The PriddleConcern (Sparks) :: Kinda like David Bowie's Man of Words, Man of Music … only not nearly as good.

Christa CoutureThe Wedding Singer and the Undertaker (One Foot Tapping) :: This ain't no Adam Sandler WWE crossover; this is a bosomy babe with embedded metal in her face who sings with an earnest endearing style that's kinda like Meryn Cadell via Alanis Morrissette, only better in a mellow mood. That is, when she's not veering off into a foot stompin' "Yellow Submarine" vein, which she only does once but should do far more often.

ApocalypticaWorlds Collide (Red Ink) :: Them Finnish cellists what gave us Apocalyptica Play Metallica are back with a full band recording that's got more heavy integrity than anything Metallica's recorded since …And Justice For All and is infused with the kind of art rock patina that Eno and Eddie gave Roxy Music.

Vesta VarroExit Here (Eavesdrop) :: Sappy teenage angst? Anyone?

Kensington PrairieCaptured in Still Life (Anniedale) :: Kensington Prairie is Rebecca Rowan — and Rebecca Rowan has crafted an excellent album that's totally innocent but never naive … and therein lies the difference.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The FriggsToday Is Tomorrow's Yesterday: Singles & Unreleased Songs :: (Apex East) :: The Monkees meet the Troggs on this way cool compilation, which features some of the greatest songs by one of America's greatest girl garage groups. Includes torrid tracks from their super ultra rare 1994 CREEM Magazine pastiche FRIGGS: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Parody 10" EP.

Be seeing you!

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