Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout

Jan 16, 2008 at 12:00 am
Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout #154 is the messenger of your doom and your destruction!

Chase FrankMidnight Manor (self released) :: This here Frank ain’t no blank. She’s one tough broad who’s fully capable of kicking your retro ass into last week so shut up and listen to the lady sing her wiry songs of woe. Sure, you’ll fall in love with her but she’s used to that, ya sap. Now shove off.

NeurosonicDrama Queen (Bodog) :: Jason Darr is Dr. Neurosonic and it’s obviously apparent from this neumetal mosh-spit that the Doc wants to be the next Marilyn Reznor — or is that Prince Bowie? Either one would be a laughable ambition if he didn’t have the snotty songs and ace attitude to back up his brag. Which he does, in spades. So maybe this guy will succeed where David Warner once failed.

ASGWin Us Over (Volcom Entertainment) :: Todd Rundgren never envisioned recording a Utopia album that was heavier than his worst nightmare and featured two naked women on the cover clawing open their chests to expose their hovering hearts—but I sure did, and I’m here to tell you that this one is worth every second of that 30-year wait.

Daft PunkAlive 2007 (Virgin) :: Meanwhile, while Ralf and Florian were sitting on their Düsselduffs watching the Tour de France, these two smart ’n’ savvy successors to their Kraftwerk throne were actually in Paris recording this bowel-buffeting trance askance 27 track distillation of everything that’s absolutely right with electronic dance music these days.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Black MountainIn The Future (Jagjaguwar) :: All aboard for a record that’s so full of heavy long-strokin’ action that my turntable bent over and did the deep sonar splits as soon as I put it on. Dig past the trippy album cover and you’ll find some primo dense stoner music with a melotron gilt-edging that’ll keep you guessing as to what’s next. Here’s a hint: Whatever it is, it’ll be good ‘n’ that’s plenty for me. Choo choo ga choob!

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